What fighting game is the best on the PSP platform?

What fighting game is the best on the PSP platform?
I brought the Warriors Orochi game thinking it was gonna be like mortal kombat…brutal mistake. dont waste yo $30 on it. I got it two weeks ago and is gonna trade it in now. Im looking for a fantastic fighting game that is worth the money spent.

lost 1-4 set

I think KOF Orochi Saga and Samurai Showdown Anthology is available for the platform. Both of which are excellent compilations of great fighters. You can also get Darkstalkers Chronicles and SF Alpha 3, both of which have great singleplayer options. There’s also Guilty Gear Judgment, which has a nice sidescrolling brawler with it, but has #Reload, so I’d just go with GGAC+ instead.

Hope that helps.

SFA3 Max. Period.

Gotta agree with this joint.

Uhhh…darkstalkers chronicle.

tekken dark ressurection as well

If you pick up Capcom Classics Reloaded, it comes with Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, as well as CE and Hyper Fighting. Tons of other games on it, to boot, which makes it a great deal at $20(or less; i paid $15 for my copy through Amazon).

I don’t really enjoy playing six button fighters on my PSP - using the bumpers (especially the left one) is annoying and hard.

I love Tekken on PSP though - four buttons + great graphics / gameplay = PSP win. :lol:

there’s too many :frowning:
tekken 5 dr obviously, sfalpha3max, and darkstalkers chronicles are the only things i can really think of.
oh yeah guilty gear.
i just run an emulator on mine so i can play all the cps1 and cps2 games that i could want to play on the go. mvsf is soo much fun while on a train/bus ride to the city lol.

also even though its not a REAL fighting game, i say you should really try out Final Fantasy Dissidia. It’s extremely addicting.



Rival Schools (arcade disc)

Tekken Dark Resurrection. SFA3Max is great too, but I don’t have the proper coordination to press L in the middle of combos and such very well :stuck_out_tongue:


Street Fighter type games are next to impossible to play on a PSP dpad.

Tekken DR and SFA3MAX, shit is essential :rofl:

I’m mostly a 2D player, but I still found T5DR to be the most fun for the PSP.

Guilty Gear without a doubt.

DarkStalkers Series Pack
Powerstone Collection
Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX
Tekken Dark Ressurection
King of Fighters Orichi Saga
Samurai Shodown Anthology

and coming soon Guilty Gear XX ^ Core Plus.

You take your pick.


And any PS1 game that doesnt fall under the former.

Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower is an excellent under-rated title for the PSP. You can find it on Ebay for around 10 bucks. Capcom did a a very good job with the graphics on the PSP, there’s tons of extras, and the tower mode is very challenging and fun.

Let’s not forget about the new Fist of the North Star!!!