What fighting game series was better in it's time Weaponlord or Killer Instinct?

I cant remember weapon lord that much but ki was the truth any input guys?

Weapon Lord, easily. Killer Instinct cant even be compared.

Weapon lord was a series? Did I miss anything? It’s the namco beat’em up on SNES/MegaDrive right?

Anyway Killer Instinct all the way, if WL is the game I remember then it should be compared to Pit Fighter rather then KI.

Weapon Lord had a much more serious, playable engine. Killer Instinct will only win because its more popular. Its how polls in SRK always go.

Come again? Weapon Lord was slow and unresponsive and quite frankly bland. Try it out, it’s unplayable by todays standard(and it already was back then imo) whereas KI could have been released two years ago and it would still play as well as any other “modern” 2D fighter.

We are talking about this game, right?

Yes that is Weapon Lord.

Killer Instinct all the way. I still love that game and would love to see an Arcade Perfect version of KI1 on a home system, Xbox due to the owning of RARE.

Never played Weapon Lord, but KI was the best 2D fighter to comeout of a company that wasn’t Capcom or SNK IMO.

If Rare hadn’t been so lazy (or whatever it was that made them get rid of three good characters and just replaced them with three good but not as memorable characters) then KI2 might have been even better and led to even more sequels.

i heard KI is sitll being played now and supposedly from what someone who plays it tells me it makes up for the lack of throws by having alot of overheads.

Weaponlord was the shit fuck you frowning haters
Weaponlord was ahead of its time except in the graphics department
Hi/low/air thrust blocking, guard dropping, a weapon-clash system where the recoil of the character was determined by strength of attack which could be used to your advantage; additionally you could two-in-one from a weapon-clash to another attack to execute a fuckin weapon-break on you opponent where you send pieces of their weapon flying and they get reduced range/damage. The games input system almost entirely revolved around negative edge (perhaps the reason some thought it unresponsive) so the feel of the game was very unique, I found it quite fluid (not to be confused with the animation, which was on the choppy side - but the fatalities were pretty). Decent movesets/combos and varied characters (although too few) added to the games quality. had my genesis open shit was deep
Gamepro strat scans:
A 2d update sequel is in order. Dont sleep
C-C-Combobreakers are for nerds, I vote for weaponlord

Weaponlard by far. The game was so far ahead of its time that it was overlooked by many.

Weaponlord > KI

Man it seems pretty tight so far alot of you guys seem to favor weaponlord
Im starting to wonder is this one of the great overlooked fighting games?

Totally superficial, but dammit Weaponlord was one ugly ass game, and no, I’m not using today’s standards of visuals to make that statement. The shit was ugly even back then. The mediocre-at-best reviews I remember certainly didn’t help the game’s appeal in my eyes back then…I can’t say which one I preferred though to be fair since I didn’t play that ugly shit(*complete with incredibly boring and forgettable character designs), but I know that KI was fun, despite the fact I was horrible in that game…it’s a damn shame we never got an arcade perfect port.

I remember the N64 version was probably the biggest disappointment ever in the history of arcade to home ports…I was thinking surely N64 could handle it, but then look at the result…shit was atrocious…and I still don’t think there was any excuse for that. Had it been arcade perfect, I may have actually cared about it enough to buy that system. I still get annoyed just remembering that whole situation.

“Killer Cuts” was a tight little soundtrack, btw…I still have it.


Jago: hcf+K then MASH. Those were the days.

:lol: The only magazine that gave Weapon Lord good reviews was Gamepro, and that was just because it had 2 former Gamepro reviewers as the main designers of the game. :rolleyes:

i’m fairly sure weaponlord wasn’t a series, if there is a sequel someone needs to tell me where to get it right now. also KI is one of my all time favourate fighting games. you should all go check out the NKI and Mike Z combo vids if you haven’t already.

Jago doesn’t have a HCF+kick move…:confused:

…unless you’re talking about KI2? I know nothing about that game.


He must mean the HCB+K. That’d make more sense. :tup:

KI all the way. C-C-C-C-C-C-COMBO B-B-B-B-BREAKER!!

i only ever played weapon lord on SNES. me and my friends pretty much agreed that that version sucked ballz

weaponlord was a snes only game and, though it’s no killer instinct, certainly didn’t suck any balls.