What fighting game would you like to see brought back for next gen?


And done right…
I wanted to add more but the poll options were limited…


Votes Last Bronx, but would lIke to see Powerstone and a new Fighting Vioers come back.


Tobal is No. 1!


sorry but WHEN’S MARVEL?


World Heroes.
HI DEF deathmatches! :tup:


World Heroes was “Fighting Entertainment” long before Team NINJA came up with the term.


I voted “Other”.
2D Samurai Shodown !


What the fuck is this shit? How can I choose when I want them ALL brought back and re-tuned.
I would also add Zero Divide. Robot fighters and the ability to save yourself from a ring out with simple controls that offer depth. YES PLEASE!


#1 Killer Instinct
KI DESERVES a comeback. They killed a good & healthy horse. One of those franchises with a unique personality that was closest to SF & MK’s heels. Some flashy Ultra Combos in next-gen HD graphics would be insane. KI was one of those games in the arcade that ppl enjoyed spectating and would translate well into the YouTube Age if KI3 was done correctly.

#2 Eternal Champions
One of the best concepts I’ve seen in fighting game. Great characters with stories that made u want to play the game. SEGA is retarded. :expressionless:



By the way, what happened to Samurai Shodown Sen? It doesn’t even have a section here. :frowning:


I loved the fact that in Eternal Champions depending on your location in certain stages your final hit could cause stage(background) fatalities.[media=youtube]3XGp7yHnj08[/media]


dafuq is “BLODDY roar?”


While I did vote for Tobal, I realized that the world sorely needs Last Blade 3.


Bloody Roar!!! I’ve been playing 2 a lot lately and I wish I had a way to play 3. I just want Konami to do something with this series. It’s been too long.

Also another Rival Schools would be nice.


Power Instinct, but as a sequel to “Groove on Fight”.


Eternal Champions. Hands down.

That game was the god of fighters on the Sega CD. I played it so much that I would hear noises from the game throughout the day when I wasn’t even near my system.

Xavier was my main man. :coffee:


this aint even a QUESTION

MvC2 has to make it to the next gen or I have no reason to play fighting games EVER AGAIN >:(

also CvS2 for SNAAAAKE


I’ll second this. Groove on Fight has some really cool stuff with the body throwing and the characters.


ew, fuck no @ KI3. Rare doesn’t make good games anymore; what makes you think KI3 would be good if it made a return? Most of the original staff members from the Nintendo era were laid off in 2002 during the MS acquisition. Even if they did make a KI3, it would be a two button fighting game with combo’s macro’d on the 6 other buttons. Plus it would require Kinect too.


Kinect Instinct 3