What fighting games are due this summer?

I want to pick up a new fighting game this summer but things don’t look to good. The only games I can think of coming out this summer are Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Fatal Fury Archives 1

ST HD is due this year, isn’t it?

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core for PS2 just came out and will be released for the Wii on July 31st. AOF collection is available right now for PS2 as well. ST HDR doesn’t have a current due date, but it is suggested it will come out sometime this year.

I am probably missing a few others, but I think those are the main ones.

If you don’t mind importing… the Savage Reign / Kizuna Encounter double pack is supposed to be release sometime this month in Japan. Hopefully it won’t get pushed back, I need some “Team Bizzaro Batman” (i.e. Gordon/Joker) tag team action.

Kizuna was the shit while Savage Reign was some shit. There isn’t much coming in the way of fighters this summer from what I know. What’s gay is that VF5 for the 360 got delayed until October. :arazz:

Well, the game is technically not NEW, but its price drop is: KOF 2006.

And, it’s less than a year old…so it isn’t exactly ancient.

KOFXI and NGBC American ports?

Thats the fall :wgrin:

Big Bang Beat?
Akasuki Blitzkampf?
Immateial and Missing Power?
(all those are PC and all of those games came out THIS year -)

arcade releases
Melty Blood: Act Cadenza vb2
Arcana Heart FULL!
Battle Fantasia

Of course you can only play MBAC and AHF at one or two arcades in the nation so that doesnt really count. There are also a bunch of SNK games being released recently as well. Anyway, there are new fighters coming out this year, so open your mind and expand yo rhorizons :slight_smile:

iamp has been out for a while… @A@

Street Fighter Alpha 4

Street Fighter 3.4 Original Battle

Is there ever any chance of use seeing a console port of Arcana Heart? Or even a PC version?

prolly after sbo

Nice Jam(I saw the full one).

make me an angry mod-like AV