What Fighting games have you retired from?

I cant stand MVC2 anymore, its used to be fun way back in the day when I would fuck with mid tiers and shit, but now only top tiers win only.

CVS2 also used to be fun, now for some reason I hate the game dont know why.

GGXX and any other GG game. Its just id rather play something else, got borred of rush down, air dash rush down.

One Must Fall 2049 :confused:

SF and MK. I’ll retire from Marvel soon enough, if I never get a stick and never get really good. I like playing it and watching vids every now and then, but I suck at the game.

sf3, guilty gear

rise of robots

I retired from tekken do to namco failure to release a last ps2 version of T5DR…but once i get a ps3 i’ll come out and start allover again…and yes i know there was a psp version but do to the crappy controls i gave up on that.

mbac, although i played for less than a year anyway

thinking about pushing gg (accent core) to a side game once arcana heart hits ps2

I pretty much gave up trying with Marvel when CvS2 got hot in my area. Not sure if that constitutes ‘retired’, but my means of playing the game have almost completely dried up.

Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi.

The competition just got too fierce for me.

maybe 3s

Guilty Gear. I was basically doomed after #Reload since the games weren’t getting U.S. releases and I didn’t have any way to play them without modding a ps2 or buying a Japanese one. Being a college student, I didn’t exactly have the money for either of those and I just stopped playing the game. A lot of people in the scene here still play it, but I just stay on the sidelines since I can never practice and I’m guaranteed to get raped.

I guess I could also say that I’ve retired from 3S. It was probably my best game, but everyone here hated it so I never really had any reason to play.

Can you really retire from something if you were never very good at it/never made money from it in the first place?

If so, I’ve retired from Mortal Kombat, Tekken, and Marvel. I pretty much play Street Fighter/CvS games exclusively these days.

3s I believe.

CvS2 for sure.

Maybe 3S…it just stopped, I don’t know, being fun?

All capcom fighters(though I never really got into most of them). Not to mention, due to lack of competition in my area, I might have to retire from MBAC.

i dropped 3rd strike for cvs2.

The only game I’ve ever dropped was CvS2. I still play every fighting game out there. (Except Marvel.)

Guilty Gear, with extreme hate along with it. I kinda dropped it for MBAC now that I think of it.

dropping gg for mb is like dropping scarlett johanssen for a $5 hooker on the street corner

Batman and Robin for the genesis, I think I’m the only person in the world who knows infinites in the vs mode in that game, no comp, so I retired on top.