What fighting stick to buy and how to make it work for more than one system?


I’m pretty new at fighting sticks, but I’ve been playing around with a Hori low cost stick on the xbox 360, and I finally get what the pro’s are. So I’m looking to upgrade, the thing is I want to buy a stick that I could use one at least both xbox 360 and playstation 3. What is a sollution for this problem, are there any adaptors so I can use it on both (or even more systems) or such?? Thnx


Off the shelf options with dual compatibility are the Quanba Q4 and the Omni. Beyond that, you would need to dual mod or install a dual compatible pcb like the PS360 or Paewang into a gutted (meaning the original pcb is removed or bypassed altogether) stick.

If you want to dual mod, get a 360 stick. There are way more (and way cheaper) options to add PS3 support than the inverse due to the 360 security chip.