What fightstick do u miss most?

This is my perfect 360 buttons and all fightstick custom case that houses a perfect 360 joystick, 7 anti vandal buttons and 8 perfect 360 spillproof “THIS IS NOT FOR SALE,”(just rewriting thread to fightstick u miss most).

The fightstick just became a show peice collecting dust lol. Never thought I’d get rid of this but it’s funny what time does.


Tech talk isn’t for selling. You want the trading outlet

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I remember WAAAAY back in the day when we had that one hurricane, i think, 2008’? Had to go home from college and back to my parents house. Fuggin’ electricity went out for like 9 fuggin’ days.

In near darkness, from the ground up i modded/drilled/assembled custom PS2 Happ stick peice by peice, wire by wire, cutting, crimping quick-disconnects, PCB, etc. Electricity finally came on and it worked beautifully. And…sold it on e-bay a few years later for like $88. In retrospect i should have kept it just for the effort i put in. Oh well.

Edit: Anyway, the trading section is for selling.


The only one I can think of that I can say I miss is the Sega Genesis MK-1627. It is a piece of garbage compared to what is available today: It was way too small and used membranes for everything, so the joystick was almost like a giant directional pad with a protrusion and the buttons were mushy. Even the cheap budget sticks people often complain about breaking all of the time use actual microswitches, so I can’t imagine they would last very long in the hands of heavy-handed players. Supposedly the Japanese SJ-6600 version of the controller had some microswitches too, which is yet another reason to be jealous of Japan, but I never saw one of those and I likely never will.

However, it was a good effort at the time. Those were the days when parents who never played video games just bought the stuff to amuse their kids, and you should not expect too much to be sunk into the budget of something like that, because most parents are only able to pay so much on their children’s luxuries and not a penny more. It was usable and was designed to be stabilized if you pushed your palm into it which made up for the lack of weight somewhat, and it had a stylish aesthetic which not only matched the Model 2 console nicely, but would hold up to this day. Retrobit could probably make that their next project and make a pretty penny off of it.

I think I might have a couple of them, but one is in a state of disassembly and possibly missing parts, and I have not used either of them in such a long time.

I saw the thread when it was first made. White and Nerdy wasn’t trying to sell it, but was explaining that it was already sold. The thread was meant to bid the stick farewell, show it off to us and reminisce before sending it to its new home. The behavior is vaguely reminiscent of a father handing off his daughter to her fiance at the wedding in a manner of speaking. I didn’t have much to say about that myself since I’m not really familiar with the parts, and when it comes to ridiculously overpowered animesque characters I fall more towards the Touhou side of the spectrum than Dragonball Z (or Super as the case may be), but hey, I found the sentimentality vaguely touching to say the least.

It looks very large. It looks like it is least V.L.X. sized, if not even larger. I hope it was packaged well!