What Fightstick is right for me?


Well i’m new to the MVC3 series and the SSF4 series…theire the first fighting games i’ve ever owned. Don’t get me wrong i’m not a total noob, i played alot of tekken and MVC2 in the arcade but to the point, i need a cheap fightstick around $50-$100, and don’t tell me on buy a cheap and change the buttons since i have no idea how to mod.


Just get a TE. The original ones run for $100, and you might be able to find it for even less.


Get a TE.

or if you want to take the 10 minutes it takes to learn how to change the buttons then just get an SE.


Modding a Madcatz SE Fightstick is VERY easy. The parts, more or less, drop right in. The Madcatz Standard Edition Arcade Fightstick is ideal for easy modding. It requires no soldering, just a philips screw driver and a flathead. I HIGHLY recommend going this route…


I’d mention a HRAP3-SA but then you mentioned only FightSticks so I guess you’re not in the market for anything other than a MadCatz.


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Modding an SE when TEs are often marked to $100 doesn’t save you any money at all.

Get a TE.


Go snag a TE!


can you link me to sites were they sell the TE’s for $100? because on Amazon the SE’s are $100 and TE’s are $150.


This weekend there will be a sale on the Gameshark website. They haven’t said what the sale will be but they mark down TEs to $100 regularly.

Also the SEs were $50/$60 when they came out, no idea how the hell they went up to $100. They’re not even worth the $60.


DON’T GET AN SE! You will be disappointed. The TE is where it’s at as far as your price range goes. I just purchased an MVC2 TE yesterday from the madcatz website since they are having the 15% off sale. With 5-7 day shipping it was 143.49 and with the 2 day shipping 149.49. I got the two day shipping since the sale already had the stick well under 150. If you can find one for cheaper than do not hesitate, BUY IT! Ebay and amazon are the only places you’ll find it cheaper than that right now.


financially, theres no reason to get the SE model at this point. Too many price drops, too many deals going on at any given moment on the TE’s

I got two TEs for 150, and my first one for 100.

Unless you like the shape of the SE and want to mod it, I cant see any reason why anyone would go that route