What fightstick should I buy?


I’m thinking about buying the tekken 6 bundle thing on amazon it’s like 50 bucks for the 360… idk i’m new to fighters so I need help on buying a good fight stick…



^Read that.

Btw, I don’t think you should get the Tekken 6 Joystick. From what I heard, it’s not a good Joystick.


I have the Tekken 6 stick and am getting into fighting games. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. The Madcatz SE is a decent stick and goes for 39.99 on gamestop.


grab a Te stick there ready to play with right out the box and no mod is needed unlike the madcatz se stick. later down the line your gonna have to replace buttons on the madcatz se stick so just save yourself some time and invest 100 bucks into a madcatz te stick instead of that crappy tekken stick that feels like a cheap toy.


the newbie section isnt the tech talk section, trust me.