What FPS game would you prefer in competing on a PC?


So I’ve had people debating about which FPS is better to compete, that (Insert Game A Here) is better than (Insert Game B here). Well, to me, I would prefer Counter-Strike, seems like it’s more team strategic and would require more skill than like, let’s say Team Fortress 2, which I believe is less toned down.

So what do you guys prefer? In competition level, which FPS game would you prefer? Give a valid statement.


All of them.

Because aiming with thumbs is for bros.

(I know this thread isn’t comparing FPS games to console and PC, but idgaf)


Halo. The greatest FPS of all time.



But in all seriousness.

Halo 2, best FPS of my generation.


Counterstrike 1.6.


area 51 or lethal enforcers


Quake 3/Live.

Because it’s fucking Quake 3/Live.

Although it’s been a year since I’ve played now…put way too much time in that game.


SMFH @ the Halo posts.


Quake 2



Halo 2 and Quake are the funnest FPS’s I’ve played and they are good enough to compete in.


Are Halo posts even legit posts?


Leta hate on halo because …lets hate on Halo.


Probably CS 1.6 or Tribes.


People hate on Halo because it did nothing new but borrow ideas from PC games and introduce it to bro gamerz.
Halo is to the FPS community as WoW is to the MMO community.


That is the dumbest thing that I have ever heard to hate on anything. " lets hate on halo because… lets hate on halo"


Dumbest thing I’ve ever read is “why do people hate on Halo?”.


cs 1.6

auto aim, can’t flick shot, Halo 2 sword glitch moves characters faster than thumbstick sensitivity. now shaddap :rofl:

Halo 1 PC is different, had a godlike CTF game at a Lan party where i held the flag in a hiding place for over an hour. scoreless, 3 hour game. we just mutually decided to stop playing :rofl:


Lets just play Competitive Duke Nukem 3D


You like bad fighting games. You like bad FPS games. What RTS do you like? I hope it’s a bad one so I can call you Neopolitan Scrub.