What free Antivirus program and Spyware do you recommend?


I got a brand new computer and I want a good antivirus software. What do you guys use?


AVG Free and Avira have always been fine for me.


The free version of Avira gives you a popup from time to time, kinda annoying. I’d go with AVG instead.


I think AVG is the best and it’s my primary one. But I did have an instance where Avira found some stuff AVG didn’t.


I use NOD32 and it’s been awesome for the past 2 years or so since I’ve had my computer.

Haven’t had a problem since.


I use Avira. I was using AVG, but one day it constantly said that one of the modules or whatever was broken. I was gonna reinstall, but was too lazy. Lots of people suggested Avira, so I went with that. You do get a popup every time you update, but I’m usually just on the net anyway, so I’ll just click ok and be done with it. Works really well scan-wise though. I might go back to AVG one day though. That program is all-around solid.


Just browse wisely and you won’t need it. I don’t use anything.


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NOD32 is pretty sweet.


NOD32, eh?

I’ve never heard of this program.


AVG, Spybot S&D and AdAware are all pretty good. That’s what I install on people’s computers that are too tight to pay for a proper security suite.

I’d always opt for a paid for security package over a free one - You get what you pay for. :xeye:


Free 30-day trial of Eset Smart Security comes bundled with NOD32.
Worth checking out.


I use avast antivirus (free for home). It’s boot-time scan has saved my friends major headaches when a virus would hide itself from the operating system.

Either that or NOD32 in my experience are the best around. Stay away from Norton unless you like your system when it runs slower :smiley:


I’m running “avast!”(http://www.avast.com/ - there’s a free version) for anti-virus, and Spybot against spyware.
Have no idea how good any of them are.

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btw combofix.exe actually works fairly good. along with the other standard ones(spybot avg bla bla bla)



15years of IT and Avast is my fav.

I’ve used AVG/Avira/Panda/Fprot/symantec/NOD32/mcaffee and Avast is the best/keeps shit clean.




NOD32 is too good :frowning:


I work at a computer shop & Avast is the best of the free antivirus. It is alot better than alot of the preimuim antivirus out there. It updates it self, it does not suck up resources, & it talks but that might not be a plus so you can turn the voice off. Also it can scan your hard drive before you fully boot into windows. I use Avast on some computer & Kaspersky on my main computer.


I use a combination of AVG and Nod32. (:


nod32, malwarebytes, and spybot:tup: