What game are you more interested in?


If you could choose only one game what game would you buy,

  1. Street Fighter 4
  2. STHD Remix


sthd remix


HD Remix. Fo sho. ST is a tried and true game/engine. SF4, at this point, looks no different from the EX series to me.


Man…can the topics get any more predictable?

SFIV just to be different. Actually…I’m not really all that hype for SFHD in the first place. Especially with the game having 2 different versions that people are going to be torn between I’m sure. Why can’t we just make ST right?! LOL.

I really like SFIV though. In some ways it is a new age SF EX but at least it’s doing things a lot better so far than SFEX. Both in presentation and the way the gameplay seems to work. It’s more in tune with a 2d fighting game and I like it. I also love some of the animations of the characters. Dhalsim I’m sure is going to be absolutely sick to watch. Of course a lot of people aren’t feeling the fact that everyone in this game is on the Roids and dry vomits after every hit, but then again…helps it to stand out against the loli fighters running all over Japan lately. I need me some muscle flexing UGUGHHGHGHUGH.


thinly veiled vs thread

also unnecessary as there’s never any actual discussion