What game do you consider the better four player fighter SSBM or PS 2?

What do you guys consider the better game power stone 2 or super smash brother melee?

SSBM has more deph and a better camera. while powerstone 2 was freaking fun the camera messed things up and the lack of stages and load times really took the fun out of things. I’d stick with power stone 1.

me too powerstone 1 was slick.

Powerstone 1 for the win.

SSBM for teh win.

Powerstone 2 was sweet. Not as good as the first one but since this thread is asking about 4PLAYER fighting games…

GAH!! Don’t make me choose, you heartless fiend!!!

dungeons and dragons: shadows over mystara is best.

ps 2!! :party: but smash bros still has props for being deep… but ps2 was just too much fun :clap:

kung fu chaos for teh win! :xeye:

WINNAR close thread


I love SSBM but it isn’t that fun 4player unless u select pokeballs only w/ high appearance %.:devil: Powerstone for me too.:bgrin:

WOW SSBM AND PS2 ARE NECK AND NECK! well i don’t blame people for picking ps2 becuase i was gonna pick that at first, but only becuase i’m a huge capcom fan but i realized i spent more time playin SSBM wit my friends than i spent playin other games period! PS2 is a good game though and im not juss sayin that becuase i’m a capcom fan!


I really enjoy both, but probably do to the fact that I have had so many bad experiences with SSBM (I want to play casual because it’s a casual game, these kids wanna be serious and lame out), I’ll say PS 2.

Hey, at least I admit my bias.

Only one word “Items” :tup: PS2 for the win.


PS2. Hella fun once you get 3 stones and destroy everyone.

PS2 just seems to have much tighter controls. SSBM is more floaty. Of course, using the Gamecube controller doesn’t help.

Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen!!!

Wow I thought I would be in the minority when I said PS2, game imo is underrated and really fun.