What game has the best looking energy bars/meters in your opinion?

In your opinion, which fighting game has the most visually pleasing energy bars and super meter? And bad ones? ANY game. You might even turn us on to something we never knew about.

For me: (in order)

  1. Mortal Kombat 3/UMK3 - Love how crisp the font is, and I love the colors (blue/red- life) (green/red - run) with the gold outlines. It’s just very clean.

  2. MVC2. It’s just so colorful, and it looks amazing upscaled in HD on new consoles.

  3. Super Turbo (CPS2) - Love the font, but I like Super(New Challenger) name color gradient better (maroon/yellow) but I like the fact that Super Turbo adds portraits.

Bad ones, IMO: (no order)

SF3 3S - ALL of the portraits are bad. 2nd Impact used the select screen art on it’s portraits, why didn’t 3S?

Super Turbo (HD Remix) - The font is poor, it just looks bad, as does the overall game.

Tekken 6 - Like everything, except rather have the character name, than the player profile name.

I like CVS2 and Street Fighter Alpha 3’s health and super bars. Street Fighter 2 Turbo is good too. Matter fact, I like all the SF series life bars except the Live Action lol.

kof2k i guess

I loved the 3S ones. Alpha 3 ones were pretty awesome imo.

guilty gear x

i really like the bars in vf and tekken i forget what the bars are like in doa but the trend seems to be that i like bars better in 3d games

KoF 2K has cool life bars because of their shape. SF3 2I’s is great too.

Loved the 2I ones. Wish they kept it that way for 3S.

Hate how the lifebars in SFIV have that kink in the middle, but I love the design on the Super/Revenge meters.

for bars alone, aggressors of dark kombat them things are super juicy:

samsho 1 and 2 also have juicy bars representing the mustard & slime respectively (ss2 out does kof98 in this regard):

mk2’s are really nice, chunky as hell and have nice detail and shading in the pixel art (arcade ver. of course):

another vote for kof 2000’s, they go from yellow to red as the lifebar drains as well:

vf5r lifebars are real slick, and props for leaving the red portion until combos finish (in all vf4/5):

speaking of which the new mk has that feature, kind of surprised me. more games should do it.

CvS2 probably has my favorite health bar/portrait presentation. It’s Very slick

JoJo Bizarre Adventures (Mirai no Issan) has good lifebars and fonts.

SSAZ lifebars divided in 13 segments to better see the damage.
also SS6 and Sen lifebaurs are uber-decorated

KOF96 had the best KOF lifebar IMO.

SF4 lifebars were better in the Arcade. Didn’t like the portrait sizes in the console port.

If we’re going to do bad lifebars as well, I’d say KOF2k2um. Not the bars, but the portraits. Looked very 98-ish when compared to all the portrait art after that game.

i’d have to go with vf4/5, i really like how the damage stays until the combo is finish but also it shows how much hit takes.

I really liked kof 99’s and 95, and tekken 4

Worst ones, i’d have to say kof 2k3 and 2k and tekken 5

i can’t anwser this objectively since the advent of hd.

i fucking hate low res huds now, they all look bad and give me a headache, even those like mvc2 that are upscaled.

so for me ssf4 wins by default.

Arcana Heart 3. I like the digital look.


Anyway, gameplay > presentation. MvC1 is the first game that I really loved the on-screen meters and such. CvS2 is pretty sexy also.