What game is this? {answered, thanks!}


Hello. I came over here for the fascinating thread on the Street Fighter Movie Game postmortem, and it got me thinking about some other not-so-good fighters from the 90s I recalled. Unfortunately, my recollection is vague and that’s driving me mad. If someone could ID the game, I’d be grateful.

It was an arcade game I encountered in '95 or '96 that was clearly a quick filler game tossed in to cash in on the fighting game craze. It involved people from across time fighting in a tournament for some reason I can’t recall. The graphics were either poor quality, although I’m unsure if it was digitized or not. The fighters wielded weapons and could be (literally) disarmed. If you did that, you could fight with their weapon/arm replacing your own and use their attacks. The game kept track of your initials, allowing you to start a game with your acquired armament. Sadly, this is all I recall of the game, other than it was a bit of a guilty pleasure since it was simple, I’d found a combination of character and weapon I could use well, and it was the only fighting game I could get to on break except an MK3 machine that had been set to max difficulty. (I’m no great fighting game guru, and there were also a few obsessed players who were always on that cabinet and would rip me a new one no matter what.)

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If I can get an answer to this minor nagging question, wonderful.
If not, then maybe at least I will have amused you by admitting to playing a horrible game because I was constantly wiped out in MK3.


This sounds like Time Killers.


That looks like it was, in fact, the game I am thinking of. When Time Killers was referenced in the thread that brought me here, for some reason my mind was filling in details from Eternal Champions instead. Thank you.