What game is this?

I was at Arcade UFO in Austin, and they have this game there in the Arcana Heart 3 cabinet. It’s pretty much identical to AH in gameplay, but instead of girls it has religious characters with Angel assists. When you win a round it says, “The Crusade is End.”

Anyone know what the name of this is?

Demon Bride it sounds like.

yeap is daemon bride, and the good news (if you live on austin) is that its on austin again

I live a few hours away from UFO. I wish I could go . . .

Yes, that’s definitely the one I played. Thank you!

Goten, you’re honestly not missing a whole lot. I walked in and was like, “I have that on Xbox. I have that on Xbox. I have that…”

About the most notable thing they have is Aliens vs Predator, since that has never been ported to console.

wow youre really lame

Playing in a real arcade was one thing I missed out on when I was a kid. If I had, I probably wouldn’t be such a scrub at fighting games like I am now. :frowning:

In 1 month I will 5 minutes away from UFO. Thank the lord.

Shoutout to me.

Epic failure right there.


You wanna trade houses Captain K? I’d be more than happy to live that close to a real arcade. It’s not about “having that game” at home, the draw of the arcade is the atmosphere and the human interaction. I have MvC2 at home on my Xbox but I always play the MvC2 cab at my local arcade (only fighting game they have aside from Tekken 5) because I love the feeling of playing at a standing cabinet as opposed to at home on the TV. It’s completely different.

Have that game at home? Can’t be older than 14.

same as man

Don’t get me wrong. I’m 37 years old. I grew up in arcades. Big noisy places where you jostled elbows with someone while playing against them. Arcade UFO’s main room is maybe 15’ x 20’. The cabinets are all Japanese style, where you sit on one side and can’t see the face of who’s playing you on the other side. There is no “human interaction”. In my opinion, that’s not an arcade.

The times have changed, and romanticizing the remaining arcades isn’t going to alter that. If you want the old arcade experience, invite your buddies over to your house and fight them in person. You’ll learn from each other the way we used to in the arcades. Sitting across from someone you can’t even see isn’t going to teach you anything, anymore than playing people online is.

offline ≠ online

Personally, I prefer those Japanese style cabinets than the “American” style.

For one thing, if you’re facing someone who’s fucking fat as shit (was a big problem when I was a kid since most of the people playing the SF2, MvC1, 3rd Strike, etc. cabinets who were any decent tended to be overweight), he won’t hog your whole side and make it impossible for you to actually do something.

I feel as tho, when an Arcade opens around someone’s area, they should be lucky and grateful that they have something of such luxury to visit such an Arcade, especially one that helps to the community.

To say online play is the same as playing at an arcade…
Well… I have to question your social standards of how you are in person.

The theme reminds me of Bible Fight

I did not say that. I said that sitting across a cabinet from another person does not teach you anything, and playing online does not teach you anything.

You’re missing the point, and for me to even explain how isn’t necessary, from what I can tell.

Let’s just say, if you are a competitive gamer, then you’ll understand the view points of how arcades will make you a stronger player.
However, seeing as how you believe arcades teach you the exact same thing as you would playing someone online, it’s very obvious you don’t play competitive fighting games.

Some people just don’t understand, that or they refuse too learn.