What game needs a sequel the most Toshindin,tobal,erhgiez,rival schools

Out of all the older fighters what game needs a sequel on the 360 or ps3 in your opinion?

Oh yeah I forgat to add TMNT tounament fighters to the list so consider that as well.

Damn no love for the old school?

Be patient, people will read and reply eventually.

Now, while you wait, I suggest you edit the poll and find out the proper spellings of some of those games.:confused:

Point well taken, can you add tmnt tounament fighters to the poll?

KI2 was very very popular back in the day. Not only did it deserve a sequel, I do this day wonder what rare was thinking when they decided not to make one.

You forgot to put Garou:MOTW up there as well, would be really great to have a sequel for it. Thanks.


Ehrgeiz 2. And put characters from every Final Fantasy.

A fighting game consisting solely of characters from every FF would be guaranteed money - regardless of the game’s quality - considering all the fanboys FF has. Even so, I’d rather see an actual fighting game rather than the alleged mess Ehrgeiz was. A fighting game with that much guaranteed mainstream support could be promising.

Rival Schools/Project Justice. In the end of the day, those games were just fun. Even if they weren’t the deepest, most balanced games out there, I still played them both to death for quite a bit. And while Ehrgeiz was a mess, it was also a bit of fun, just not too much.

You can do it yourself, all you have to do is edit your own post.

I would but when I tried they said it was a 10 poll limit but I know you can do something about that…

Damn no love for Zero divide or fighting vipers come on guys…

I want to see a Last Blade 3, regardless of how the title wouldn’t make sense again, I want it.

A Rival Schools game I would like to see a little more, but no doubt it would get love so I am repping a new Last Blade instead.

I would love to see a new KI game.

Never played Rival Schools but I had lots of fun with KI back in the day.

yo change fighting vipers to fighting vipers 2, YES thats right it had a sequel on the dreamcast, I wouldn’t mind seein a third fighting vipers though.=]

either KI or last blade.

i was torn between Rival Schools/Project Justice and Killer Instinct. Both were great games but i favor the SNES more :slight_smile:

Three games/series that aren’t/weren’t on the list, but should have been…


The only fighting games that really should have a sequel (or sequels) are those that make enough money or have a strong enough fan base, or can be reivented for the modern era of games.

Dream Factory (the devs of Tobal and Ehrgiez) dosn’t really need to make a sequel to either of those games (well they already made a sequel to Tobal) neither of them did that well or rather making Tobal No.3 or Ehrgiez 2 wouldn’t help much in terms of name recognition since most of the general gaming market never played or heard of those games, so DF would be better off doing a all new fighting game mixing the characters from Tobal, Ehrgiez, and The Bouncer (a game they co-developed with Squaresoft) similar to what SNK did with KOF by mixing AOF and FF.

Battle Arena Toshinden and Killer Instinct seem like they would be good if they were reivented, ie don’t bother trying to do sequels for them, just kinda give them a new start instead.

Power Stone and Rival Schools defenitly deserve 3rd instalments. It was great to finally see some fighting games that didn’t try and take themselves seriously (well RS wavers a bit, because some of its story is pretty serious, but they blend the comedy and drama very well, its like a Dramedy Fighting Game)

I remember MOTW and Darkstalkers were both games that had planned sequels (the new DS sequel was supposed to be called Vampire Soldier) but never happend. I heard MOTW2 got scrapped during the period between SNK and SNK/Playmore, although the expectation of a MOTW2 is probaly so high that by this point its impossible to deliver.

I always liked Last Blade, but didn’t understand why SNK never made the obvious “Samurai Shodown Vs Last Blade” crossover game, I mean it seems like such an obvious/idea right? Although by this point I guess its pretty easy to do on MUGEN.

Bushido Blade is something I think alot of people expected to see a third game from. The concept was pretty cool, Samurai that exist (secretly) in our modern era with one hit kill mechanics that kinda forced players to play strategicly (unless they were those type of player that just liked to run around slashing and didn’t really care about get killed) although the development team behind the BB games (Leightweight) has since left Square, and has done pretty well in Japan with the Kengo series.

I think alot of the more untraditional fighting games would benifit from sequels in this day and age, because it seems to be getting to the point
where even the general market is becoming tired of traditional styled fighting games