What Game Products/Services Would You Most Likely Pay For?

I was wondering what kind of game related services/products are people here willing to pay for. This is excluding actual games of course and also dlc.

bump. Trying to collect info here for business reasons.

such a vague question to the point where it can mean anything

I heard some shit about Valle training newcomers to SF4 series. that would be a service people pay for. another service I think people would pay for, once it becomes more common knowledge, is what i’d call a balancer… someone who understands the ins and outs of games so well that they could set them up so certain moves do exactly what they’re intended to the very first time, without the need for a slew of patches. but that’s something game developers would spend money on, not gamers.

the only thing I can really say gamers would definitely pay for are tournaments with a high player base

edit: scratch that. tournaments with a high player base + high prize

Controllers, accessories, and online access. Am I doing it right?

Could you be more specific about accessories?

Remember the sega channel? That’s what I would pay for as long as it is cheaper than gamefly

Bobby Kotick’s head on a plate.


Fightan gaemz and fightan gaem accessories.

Well, I have a customized SFAC arcade stick and a wireless Turtle Beach headset, for instance.