What game(s) u want added to the Strategy Zone


Vampire Savior, u know it would be good to have more game strategy forums n shit


Probably in order, Super Turbo, Alpha 3, Vampire Series, Guilty Gear series, and then the rest.

Sorry, but SNK and Namco games don’t need to be covered here because they each have their respective forums (Orochinagi, Tekken Zaibatsu, Soulcalibur.com) and MK-DA and EX3 have no place in an arcade forum.


super turbo - cuz it’s still hot
vampire savior - beacuse it’s very underrated, and deserves attention
alpha 3 - see super turbo’s reason

no SNK games… save that for actual SNK boards.
no GG games… save that for gamecombos.
no 3d games… save that for tekkenzaibatsu, soulcalibur.com, and that one for VF


super smash bros melee


Given your options, I’d say go for alpha 3. SNK games have fierceslash, gg has gamecombos, and those 3d games have their own respective forums.

Vampire Savior is another possibility, but I’d rather see a3.


I’d say it would be between Super Turbo and Alpha 3, are there even enough Vampire Savior boards in america to get local tourneys started? I don’t think so.

At least ST and A3 have enough old boards sitting in arcades in some places.

It just depends on how many serious ST players that wanna share info vs the amount of A3 players that wanna share info.

If they did put a forum up it would prolly be for ST, mainly because the ‘top’ Japanese players still play it and they’d want to increase interest in strategies and local tourneys to generate comp and new players. And probably most of the admin of this site were ST players originally.


I feel the Vampire series is very underated!


Samurai Showdown be cool and KOF wit so many games that’d be an easy and big strategy zone to have instead of makin or goin to a thread just go to the KOF sz for ya faqs


Vampire Savior


WOW!! im so suprised that yall didn’t vote for other or had marvel on the list because you americans love the game off…well i voted for street fighter alpha 3 all the way…why?..because it’s a game that has class,skill involved.The game is still popular and peeps still play it,pure juggles and combos going on none of that “infinite crap”.



but there ARE infinities…


fuck u :slight_smile:




mwuahahhhaha, i’m just glad u caught the smiley, and didn’t freak out :slight_smile:


yeah its cool…:evil:


Without a doubt, ST.


the top japanese players still play alpha 3 too :stuck_out_tongue:


a3 only thank you…


ST, then A3.


Would it make sense to have a gamefaqs style post for each character and to have everyone respond to it with additions to the post for strategy and whatnot and mods can add those additions to the FaQs? People could in that way create super FaQ’s that people can look through without having to dig through posts.

Darkstalkers is underrated, however I’m wondering if that is due in part to how old the game is and how difficult it is to obtain DS games compared to other titles.