What game setting is infinite combo at


for some arcade fun when lives laggy.
I know the super ones changed, but whats with all the hits.

After beating the game with everyone (and NOT tweaking the Sys. Dir.) there about 6-7 pages of new stuff in the Sys. Dir. On one of the pages is the option to

Chain normals into specials
Chain special into supers
Chain supers into supers
Chain normals into anything else (even dashes).

You might have to beat the game w/ Gill; I’m not sure.

EDIT: OH and max the super bars out in Extra Options (it’s in the normal option menu after you beat everything with everyone).

Thanks man, i have cleared the game with 10 people and i think page9 is now available. I tryed changing the directions save/load but it does not have any effect in the game?

Normal direction button seems to not work

not sure what im doing wrong?

You have to change the System Direction type from “Normal” to “Original” for whatever you did to take effect.