What game would you play Death in?

hypothetical situation: you have just died, doesn’t matter why, doesn’t matter how… but before you know stands the hooded figure of Death he/she dictates that you can best them in any game of your choosing you may return to life… but nobody has even beaten death before… what game would you choose?

keep in mind that death has been around since the beginning of time and will probably know old game likes chess or cards really well… they would probably be really good at games of chance as well, what with the powers and all… and there’s no doubt in my mind that death is infact a nerd so he/she is probably not bad at videogames… and you can’t melvin death like bill & ted

i would play death in one of those hunting games you see in arcades… that way they’d have to work against my score and skill while maintaining they’re own… hopefully i’d win… i might also challenge death to a game L4D in versus mode and i’d just let the director do the hard work…

so what would you guys choose?

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Yeah, nice ripoff from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.


IRON MAIDEN, EXCELLENT (insert cheesy solo guitar riff here)

few answers:

nothing - there is no afterlife or barmy death character
blowjob wars, who ever comes first wins (death looks sad as he has no dick to blow)
i tell him to fuck off as i’d rather go where ever he has to take me than back down to this shit hole

Is Death has no dick to blow, that wouldmake you dickless.

did i miss an apostrophe of ownership or something?

i meant he is dickless (because he is a skeleton)

we would hire whores for the sucking.

he’d lose at blowjob wars since whoever touches him dies remember?

Id play him at Castle Crashers: Call you can Quaff!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Fighting Edition

He has to play Tiger Megazord, and me Ivan Ooze.

We’ll alternate turns in Battletoads: Battlemaniacs.

29-0, bring it motherfucker.

Connect Four I simple cant lose at that game. maybe some Rose ball also

I would play Death in a game that involved killing you (the OP) in real life.

ha ha

This thread should end here, on a good note. I guess it *was *basically over but it was still page 1

Obviously Chess, ala the Seventh Seal


definitely not guilty gear. Death playing as testament- scary stuff.

ha ha

Brawl, because Death has better games to play than this.

Id say blazblue, but I bet death plays nu.