What gamepad to choose for Street Fighter (PC) (casual player)


I’ve got a chinese gamepad ($10): http://p.globalsources.com/IMAGES/PDT/B1061318005/Wired-USB-Gamepad.jpg It was OK.
After it got broken I tried a xbox 360 clone and a ps2 clone. Both pretty bad.

I want to buy a gamepad a bit better to play street fighter. I think the d-pad should be like the first one, or maybe nintendo-like (I haven’t tried that, but ps/xbox type are crap). I need to decide between:

-The same chinese gamepad: It worked for me, it is cheap.
-Logitech f310: Looked ok, but it has some bad reviews. It is difficult to find it for less than $40 in Spain.
-Madcatz fightpad sd: D-pad looks nice, but I would prefer a gamepad I can use with other games.
-Power A Mini Pro Ex: Xbox type but with gameboy d-pad. Small, but it is not a problem for me.
-Power A Airflo: I can get it for $5 more than the other Power A. I don’t need a big one or the fan, but if it has better build quality I’d buy it instead of the other one.

Has anybody tried one of this and could share her experience? Also, other recommendations of $30 max gamepads are appreciated.


I have a Logitech Rumblepad which has the same “D-Pad” as the f310, and I would highly recommend not getting that, as the disc construction invariably leads to erroneous inputs (at least for me; but I’m not a pad-player).
Furthermore, Logitech pads often aren’t recognised by games and you will need to use third-party-software like X-Padder to even get them to work badly. Then again, that is probably true for all of those.


If I were to play on pad I’d either go with the official 360 pad for Windows or a PS2 Dual Shock controller and an etokki converter. The cool thing about the latter option is you get the better triggers of the PS2 pad and it’s piss easy to find PS2 Dual Shocks for cheap, there’s some official ones going for like $10 on eBay.


dual shock 3 with motion joy drivers or as @density. stated a ds2 with pc converter


Is your rumblepad xinput? Most gamepads up there are xinput, I don’t think they will have problems to be detected. Even my crappy $15 xbox 360 clone gets detected with no problem.

@density. @S00perCam The xbox gamepad is not an option. The d-pad is just too bad. The ps2 gamepad with an adapter might be an option. I’ve tried it, it is not bad. Native xinput is a plus on all gamepads I said above.


I use dual shock 3 and emulate it as a 360 pad through the motionjoy driver ui for the reason you stated mapping is just that much easier


I use the PS2 pad for literally everything, it’s still unmatched in my eyes. PS4 pad is also very good, as the D-Pad is the most precise I’ve ever used, but I don’t much care for the shape of it. You can configure any of the Dualshock pads to work on PC pretty easily, though for the DS2, you will need an adapter.


n64 controller