What games are going to be at EVO2k10


ssf4, ssf4 ladies tourney, tvc, ssf2thdr, tekken 6, blazblue and one more which will go to up public vote

Teken 6
All female SSF4
Blazblue CT
Poll choice

Female only SSF4 tourney
Tatsunoko vs Capcom : UAS
Tekken 6
SSF2 HD Remix
"Player’s Choice"

Please check out the Evo subforum next time…

Shut up fool. There is no question too minor for this section.

STFU…it’s already being discussed in the Evo Forum.
Don’t excuse your ignorance.

you’re welcome

Hey, Jackass. Just cause we have a noobie forum doesn’t mean you get to have your hand held until the end of time. Learn to search you fucking baby.

As much as the newbie thread is to help newbies, next time use the damn search button ass…

You all need to settle down. The Poll Choice better be ROSE BALL or Evo 2k10 will RIOT.

I’m sure “Shut up fool” was Mr. T joke, settle down folks.

NeoGeo Battle Coliseum HD Remix is going to be there.

No I’m kidding. That’d be sick if it were though. I’ll go.

Using “fool” to describe a poster who (in relation to you) is much more knowledgeable is wonderfully ironic considering the ignorant nature of your question.