What games can we expect to see on mame cps3 netplay?

I would like to know whats out and whats coming out in the near future. Also what particular game is using cps3.

Is guilty gear one of them, what about rumble fish or melty blood or even fist of the north star, do any of these game use cps3?

if any one has any info please respond.

cps3 is old and done
there only the select SF3 series
and jojo and warzard

rumblefish etc etc are on different systems, such as sammy atomisive, some on naomi
theyre not cracked

Lol, you’re barking up the wrong tree.
CPS-3 is old, not used in modern games.

The entire list of CPS-3 games is as follows:
JoJo’s (both)
SF3 (3 versions)

EDIT: dammit, bested by MaybeMemories.

lolz !
if atomiswave got emulated it would be class
but were not even at naomi yet


this topic is a flop

So what emu is MvC2 under? And Capcom vs Snk 2?

NAOMI :rofl:

Stop posting, please, for your own good.