What games should I buy for sega saturn?

with tax returns coming soon im looking for some good SS games. So far I plan on buying

Bug Too
Panzer Dragoon

Every game ever made for the Saturn.

Pretty much how godlike the system was.

Clockwork Knight.

Dragon Force, even if it is $60-$70

Some cheap games I suggest to start

(any 1 or 2 of)
Last Bronx
Fighters megamix
Fighting Vipers
Virtua Fighter 2

Street Fighter Collection (Super Turbo, Alpha 2 Gold)

Darius Gaiden
Sega Rally Championship

can’t go wrong with Panzer dragoon, shinobi on saturn is a lot better platformer then Bug and if you find a light gun pick up virtua cop

wasnt there part 2?

I own a Japanese Saturn so here you go.

The Saturn is the ultimate console for arcade games. The first one to give perfect to near perfect ports of fighters.

Darius II
Darius Gaiden
Salamander Double Pack
Gradius Double Pack
Twinbee Double Pack
Wolf Fang

Fighters/Beat Em Ups:
Dungeons and Dragons Collection (not arcade perfect due to no 4 player but its all we will get until Capcom releases the full game which will be never)
Guardian Heroes
Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter
X-Men vs Street Fighter
Alpha 2/3
KOF 96/97
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
Vampire Savior

Shining Force 3 is one of my all time favourite games, but I would suggest playing that via emulator so that you can play part 2 and 3 in English. Make sure you check it out if you like Strategy RPGs.

Panzer Dragoon series (any of them) are fantastic games, Saga is insanely expensive now, but really good.

Steep Slope Sliders - awesome fun snowboarding game. Shame this never got a sequel.

I would say Guardian Heroes, but that’s probably better on XBLA now…

Burning Rangers, NiGHTS into Dreams.

I love the Saturn. One of my favorite systems of all time.

First two games I got for it:
Die Hard Arcade
Vampire Savior

Tons of CPS2 ports, tons of Neo Geo ports, tons of shmups, and it’s the only system of that gen that had decent beat 'em ups of any sort (Die Hard Arcade, Guardian Heroes, Three Dirty Dwarves, Dungeons & Dragons Collection, just off the top of my head). Plus all the Sega games - and you should get all of them. Can’t go wrong.

Also, make sure you get an S-Video connection (works WONDERS, trust me) and a 4-in-1 Action Replay. Got both on play-asia.com, but they are currently out of stock on S-Video cables.

Oh yeah, and get Saturn Bomberman + a bunch of controllers + a couple of multitaps + a bunch of friends. You’ll have a blast, and I’m not just saying that for the lame pun.

Also, for your reading (and later, shopping) pleasure:

Can’t believe I forgot Burning Rangers, man I still get a smile out of the ultra-cheesy opening movie every time I see it.

I suggest that you get Radiant Silvergun and Guardian Heroes on Xbox Live Arcade, and don’t bother fucking with light gun game without a CRT TV.

yes, it was a silly game (but in a good way).

Daytona USA
Virtual On <<<<<<<<<<<<Highly Recommended
Virtua Cop 2
Tactics Ogre

fighter’s megamix.

Vampire Savior and Castlevania SOTN (if you find it).

Galaxy Fight (nice NeoGeo fighter gets a perfect conversion to the Saturn. Downloading the Playstation version from the PSN is like the opposite of an HD remix in comparison. Here’s me playing it: [media=youtube]vW-JCivkGdw[/media] )

Guardian Heroes (this was the game that meant I just had to buy the system in the first place)

Magic Knight Rayearth (nice little action RPG)

Saturn Bomberman

Exhumed and Duke Nukem (therefore unlocking the amazing multiplayer Death Tank Zwei)

Alpha 3

nobody mentioned Astal yet?

get Astal.

panzer dragoon


I second Die Hard Arcade. QTEs done right.

Dragon force for 60? LOL good luck trying to find that!

If you have a modded saturn though…