What games would you like to see considered for Evo2k6?

This is the official thread on what games you would like to see represented at Evolution 2006. Please don’t just post the game, but include the reasons behind you wanting to get it in.

Any game can be included in the lineup as long is there are no gameplay flaws that would make it unplayable in a tournament format.


Well here’s my list:

Guilty Gear XX #R: I say this is the best game best put to be on the Evo roster gameplay wise. Gotta have this.

Capcom vs. SNK 2: If Roll Cancel is still available this might have some participants or the scene is growing ever so fast. A must have.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2: Probably the most competitive tournament in Evo. Can Justin Wong be back in full effect? Eh, miracles can happen. Good comp. Need it.

Street Fighter II: What’s Evo without the seasoned vet? Same as MvC2.

Street Fighter III-3rd Strike: Same as MvC2. Damn see a pattern? Also, best comp you’ll get from Evo.

Soul Caliber 3: One of the 2 premier 3-d fighters for Evo '06. Not much flaw here.

Dead or Alive 4: The 2nd premier 3-d fighter. The so-called newcomer to Evo. Good action is to come to this.

Street Fighter Alpha 3: God DAMN this is making a comeback most definitely. You might get good comp if you put this back. I know you’ll get me!!!

There might be more for the voting process but these are the ones that will make it to being sported at Evo.

The obvious: SC3, MVC2, CVS2, KOF2002/2003, Tekken 5, SF3: Third Strike, DOA4 (To hell with Microsoft. I wasted $400)

How about Arcade St? And a side A3 tourny?

Ill suply the cabinets and games. :slight_smile:

ST - Arcade
CvS2 (god that game is ass)
MvC2 (same a above)
T5.1 or what ever the new game is.
A3 Arcade - Huh good luck in hell the player base is so thin now and the ones that still play are no where near where they were 3 years ago.
SF… - If a new Sf is released in time for EVO it would be a great venue for it.

There really isn’t any other games worthy of EVO play. Hell I dont even think A3 is really worth it. I just like the game alot. And St would be alot more exciting if the official tourny was a 2v2 or 3v3 format.

'CE or HF arcade on American sticks

Apart from the Capcom games maybe SNK’s new release KOF XI might want to be considered? It is very popular at the moment and so far it seems quite balanced.

I really like Cigarbob’s idea of ST on Arcade format, although I am sure alot of work would be in it for him making all those cabinets. I would say 3s on Arcade as well but due to the huge number of 3s competitors that will likley sign up going out and getting “x” amount of 3s boards and the likelyhood of them dieing in the process [Suicide battery issue, I just had one die on me the other week] would make it to hard a task. [Not to mention the financial aspect]

Soul Calibur III: After the contraversy of SC2 finals @ 2004 (which I still haven’t watched), I’m not sure what the personal opinion would be on adding SC3 but it deserves at least 1 shot at it for Evo. If it’s a hit, great! If not, then leave it out for the next years events. I don’t know if this game is too flawed or not for tournament play!!

Virtua Fighter 4 Evo: Now I know this gets little welcome in the list up but it’s definately a fun game. I would add Evo since I’m a fan of it, but from a business perspective I’m not sure. I don’t know how many entries it got in the 2004 or 2003 so I can’t say if it’s wise enough to add it. If you want to please the japanese players then do :smiley:

King of Fighters XI: Seriously doubt it will get a US release before the next Evo but with the rise of KOF with this title it should definately be considered for possibly 2007. Depends on how big the SNK community is, since they don’t like to travel! (bar the K-Force)

PS. Denny Crane is GOD! Shatner FTW

Any SFEX game. It does seem as though in circles they seem to be getting more play now. Last couple touri’s in NY, woulda been on in wisconsin if the tourni wasn’t canceled. Theres bound to be at least 50 entries. Most of the big names play it to some degree even if they don’t say much about it.
But for other games, current line up is good, plus ST and A3 probably.

Guilty Gear XX Slash

What about CFJ/CFE? Yeah, I know it’s rather boring (even though high level play looks pretty exciting), but it is a Capcom fighter, and it isn’t, as far as I can tell, too broken for tournament play.

Alpha 3 and CFE

Why #R and not Slash?

Slash because: Ky is the best.

Fuck yeah cosign on the SFII:CE.

Guilty Gear XX: Reloaded
Tekken 4
Tekken 5
Tekken Tag
Soul Calibur 3
Super Smash Brothers Melee

Same line up as last year except replace SuperT with CE and add Smash Brothers.

Will Slash be out on console by then? That’s why people are saying #R

Super Smash Bros. Melee
-this game has a large community and following and has been proven as a good fighter with depth. Many 2d and 3d fighting game players already play it.

-hopefully this game will catch on in the US. We’d probably get good international presence. This goes for FotNS also.

-I dunno when next year this game comes out, or even if it will hit in the US. Hopefully it does before Evo.

-maybe a more competitive version will be made for 360?

GGXX slash
-if it’s out, it’ll be popular enough

Due to last year’s turnout, I don’t think I need to say anything about the following games:

t5 (DR if it’s out)

I don’t see how we’re going to do sfa3 if everyone keeps arguing about what version to play. We need to pick one and stick with it.

As for DOA4, it has to prove it’s worth first; it shouldn’t get in on just its number of sales.

Out of all the new games coming out or that are out the only one that will have a chance to be played at evo is SC3. #r will be replaced by Slash so that is a given. But VF5 will die on the vine in the US like VF4, VF3 and VF2 it is sad cuz it is one of the best games out. SSMB should not be in EVO. But that is my opinion. It does have a solid player base and it would e interesting in some ways. But KOF of any type will not have a chance to hit big in america. What was the last big KOF game in the us? I cant ever remember one.

so here is the possable line up for 2k6 IMO

St (arcade)

That is a big roster and it will require a lot of TV’s and help to run smothly.

Hell how about Weapon Lord and Killer Instinct for EVO! XBAND Baby!

Also to who ever cares. I will be bringing SF2:HF CPS1 and A3 CPS2. And I will be running side tournys on both. It should be a ton of fun. And I dont get why SF2:CE is having a new life now. Go play HF for god’s sake.

All I have to say is PLEASE don’t pull an EVO2K4 on the GGXX community. Using XX instead of #R really killed it for us… If Slash becomes available, please use it!

All the other games mentioned are good. I’d also like to see a Samurai Showdown game in there. Not sure if Samurai Showdown V Special is on any kind of console.

HF is too fast for my blood. IMO CE was the best in the SFII series. Flare you should start hosting some CE tournies on your arcade, quit hogging it :looney: .

How about taking a page from SBO for a select few of the solid, proven games (MvC2, 3s, and CvS2) and doing 3 man team tourneys in pokemon format. Even if it just went down like the old regional exhibitions, and you nominated team captains from each region (for around 8 teams), it would be interesting to watch even if we all can’t play in it. If there is time/space/equipment, open sign-up 3 man team tourneys would be awesome.

And, even though most of us don’t play/can’t stand it, please for the love of god include Smash in the line-up this year. That way, when Evo 2k7 rolls around, it will already have a sort of proven following (hopefully) to pave the way for the Smash Bros game on the Revolution.

Oh yeah, throw a tourney for Epic Battles ( the CCG) as well.