What gate/restrictor should i get for my stick?

So, i’m not sure what i should, a gate or restrictor. Because i’m trying to turn my madcatz TE round 2 stick into an octagon instead of square. And i’m getting it from akihabara shop. What should i get? Thanks.

stock TE your looking at getting the GT-Y restrictor plate. its the octo that fits the JLF’s. Gate/restrictor is the same thing in response to your question.

Not to trash on their store, but they are in Japan. Shipping will be much higher, not really worth it for such a cheap/small item.

Get a octagon restrictor, you can feel all 8 directions better in my opinion. Try Lizard lick’s store, it’s only like $5.

Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate

Thanks guys. =D

Also, is lizard lick a good place to buy buttons from?

yes it is

Just to get an idea of “What should I get” You should definitely give this a read?Joystick Controller - Joystick Engagements and Restrictors

Of course, LizardLick also has a round GT-Y, too. Maybe you may like that more for feel like analog sticks from pads.

But I guess you don’t like feel of square. Most people like Square.

Lizardlick is excellent store. You can usually get parts in two days from ordering time.

Lizard Lick ship extremely fast and package everything nicely. Excellent communication too. They email you when your order is placed, when it is processing, and when it ships. They always include delivery confirmation and email you the tracking info. You will not be disappointed! :tup:

Chad at LL’s even personally emailed me and asked how my stick looked, he really cares about his customer and business!

Just stick with the square gate imo. Octos are pretty terrible in JLFs.