What gauge wire are you stick builders using for Sanwa/Seimitsu switches and boards like chImp?


Pretty much as the subject says. I am re-wiring both my personal stick and my 4-player cabinet this summer. I hav never been clear on solid vs stranded and what gauge.

This is not my strong suit. :frowning:


Depends on your modding style and access to resources.

I use RJ45 Cat5e UTP cable, pure stranded copper at 26AWG. Not that copper coated aluminium rubbish, nor pure aluminium.

Stranded = flexibility. Important for me when modding.


You crimp quick disconnects onto that? Wow.


If you mean do I crimp the wires individually, then of course.

Each RJ45 cable has 8 colour coded wires running within it’s sheath. This makes it excellent economically and organisation wise.


Yeah, I meant one per conductor. I might just try that. Thanks!




awg24 stranded here


I use thicker wire for the lines to the buttons. 18-22awg. I might try going a little thinner to get more wire into a single copper tube (cable management).
I use much thinner wire for board-to-board wiring. My favorite is floppy drive cable wiring. It’s cheap, usually all one color, and easy to keep very neat.

I keep a spool of phone cable around when I want some 26awg 4 color wire handy.

Oh, quick disconnects should have a recommended range of wire gauges to use. I tend to stick to those. Stranded all the way for flexibility (echo in here?)


If you want to chain for the common into QDs (for jap buttons for example) you shouldn’t hit thicker than 24awg.
Personally I find that the smaller the wire the harder it is to work.


22AWG stranded is the correct answer.


That is the correct answer. Usually it’s a bit bigger than what you might use soldering up circuit boards, but if you’re using a chimp with screw terminals it will go in those just fine.
Stranded is more flexible and a better if you have things moving around, but in a stick where your wires are never going to move I don’t think it really matters.