What good traits have you picked up with your character?


I’ve been using Guile since vanilla pretty much exclusively (early in the game’s lifespan I did switch to Bison, but that lasted like 2 weeks). I have noticed that most Guiles have one good defining trait about them:

All good Guiles know how to fight with there back against the wall. I’ve noticed Guile players, out of any other player can usually fight there way out of the corner. They don’t just jump out, or mash buttons. But I’ve noticed almost every decent Guile is super good in the corner, and almost never crack under the pressure of being in the corner. I know I’ve been cornered I don’t know how many times, and I have won matches in the corner. I’ve spent like 20 to 30 game seconds in the corner.

I have noticed other characters auto die when cornered. Viper, Abel, Vega, Yun players all kind of fall apart in the corner. so I think playing with Guile makes you much more apt when dealing with pressure.

What good qualities have using your character helped you with?


Oddly enough the thing I have learn most is corner pressure lol.

I have been playing cammy 4 a while now and I find that her corner pressure is extremely gd. I never used 2 be even that bothered about corner pressure b4 but now that I am using Cammy I love it. Some characters can get out with the use of a bit of meter or like u said some people can even deal with the pressure but most crack so easily and get impatient.


I actually have touched on all the characters in SF4 and nearly every one has taught me something different as far as the mechanics of the game are concerned.

Honda, Chun and Fei-Long - Taught me about Pianoing
Cody and Dudley - Frame Traps
Akuma, Abel and Makoto - Mix-ups and 'The Vortex’
Cammy, Ken, Balrog and Bison - Pressure/Aggression
Guile, Sagat, Rufus and Zangief - Patience and Footsies


what does fei long teach you about pianoing?


His Rekkas. MUCH easier to do if you piano the inputs.


just keep doing shit until they’re on the ground: a seth primer

i am almost ready for marvel


What? You can’t hitconfirm with Rekkas or something? You have ages and using the wrong rekka in the wrong spot is just asking for a big punish.


playing ken is great because he has good options for pretty much every situation, however most of my “good traits” have come more from matchup experience. that taught me how to plan my next move and how to decipher what the best option is for each moment ( this thinking helped me learn all different types of set ups and things of that sort).

and your example of guile is great he is one of the characters that help you learn the game best. and as guile in the corner it is pretty easy to deal with corner pressure; most likely because you kinda get used to the pressure the opponent tries to put on you once they get in you. you kind of always like you are in the corner once they get in . and guile is normally played defensively so you are prepared to block or react. ( though i’m pretty sure its the opposite for me since i play guile very offensively )


Boxer taught me how to be lame as fuck and how to handle pressure after a knockdown. When you’re out of meter with Rog and all you have is an incredibly unsafe headbutt and a turn punch that can be punished if scouted, you learn how to block REAL damn quick.


cody showed me how to zone and make use of frametraps.


Juri - I’ve become good at bitching and shouting incomprehensible shit in an annoying voice


Fei - Spacing and patience. I always had a problem of just trying to run in there and execute a combo to no avail, but his style of play totally changed that around for the better :slight_smile: