What got you into competitive gaming?

I always thought it would be fun to go to places and meet new people and stuff, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to experience that with the lack of tournaments in Maryland, though it would be nice to go to tournaments with friends. Unfortunately, my friends don’t seem to be into that kinda stuff, so I’m kinda by myself. I think what motivated me into wanting to get into competitive gaming is just for gaining friends, or meeting people, I guess, which is rather a sad reason other than just me wanting to compete.

Gotta look a bit harder in the matchmaking section. The place seems pretty legit and well-established.

So there you go, meet up with your local players in Baltimore, and have fun getting to be part of the FGC.

Thank you. I have seen the thread; I was just asking as an discussion and seeing how everyone got into competitive gaming and their stories and what not.

Dat eSports Money.

Probably casual gaming, then I just sort of strayed off into the competitive zone. Still play tons of casual games though, so I don’t know if I’d even consider myself a really hardcore competitive player.

Too much free time and not having anything to do is pretty much the only reason I have.

I hate losing. I love winning. I love meeting up with other people like who hate losing and love winning. That’s about all the motivation that’s required.

I played Blazblue and loved it to pieces. So I naturally wanted to be good at it, I hate losing when I don’t know shit about the game, So I went on dustloop and discovered the Blazblue community, which lead to SRK further down the line…Then it was EVO, Godsgarden, SBO----

Wanted to learn and get better at competitive gaming as well as beating folks. Played smash for 2 years competitively till I quit cause it wasn’t worth it to me anymore and needed to focus on life first. Afterwards I’m gonna jump into SSF4AE and some KOF13 once I get my life straighten out in a bit.

Edit: inbeforesmashisabadgameandallofthatstuff. And yes I know smash is a bad game lololol

[]Street Fighter II;
[]Coins were expensive;
]I was better than my older brother at football: did not want to be worse at SF;
[*]Chun Li was actually easy to use and I did not need specials to play as her.
*noticed by then I played this and this. Hell, I played this at home.