What got you into modding fight sticks?

Or what got you into modding in general. How many years it took to become pro? Whats the very first thing you ever modded? How did it go? Succeeded or Failed miserably? Learned by trial and error? Basically talk about anything. List your age if you will too.

Ever since SF4 came out and this talk about fight sticks and modding, I pretty much caught on to the advantages or personal preferences on modding or fully customizing your own sticks. After the hunt of finding fight sticks after fight sticks, I found this forum at random and learned alot. Pretty organized, stickied threads helped alot and pretty much the whole tech talk community. This whole thing can almost become a hobby to me or a secondary hobby. :smile:

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I started because I used to play arcade games at the local pizza places. I quit video games for about 8 years and picked up a PS3 with backwards compatibility so I started running around to collect the great games I missed. The two genres I played most in my heyday were JRPG’s and fighting games (mostly Capcom games with some Tekken). Anyway, when I got done collecting the old fighting games for console, I couldn’t stand playing them! So I stumbled across SRK and began to learn about modding sticks so I could play the games the right way. I started with a HFS3 and modded it with Sanwa parts, then my dad made an aluminum case for a Dreamcast stick, which also used Sanwa parts. Then the Madcatz sticks came out and I got one of each and modded the SE with all Sanwa, a bat top and octagonal gate. The TE with octagonal gate and stainless steel screws to deal with the old stripped ones. Now I’ve got a Sixaxis pcb ready to go (with the help of one of the guys here) but I’m not sure where to put it, so I’m thinking about putting it in the TE to make it wireless (it makes sense to me since it has the compartment to keep the wire. Keep it in there when it’s not charging and just bring it out to charge). Also, I’m going to the SF comic convention this saturday and I’m bringing a few templates for the TE to get some original art done on them (I’m hoping for a Jim Lee original Batman for my TE).

I joined this site in 9/08 looking for info on sticks since I was getting back into fighting games which I’ve played since Street Fighter 2 in the arcades and 7-11’s in Cali. I just couldn’t get into playing with the pads, not cutting it. I’ve always owned most of the consoles but I think I stopped playing fighting games after the Saturn and Dreamcast died. For whatever reason, maybe boredom, not having a joystick? I didn’t get into it with the PS2. SF3 never piqued my interest. Fast forward to 2007 and I finally pick up a PS3 and after picking up VF5 and having an annoying time trying to play Akira with a pad, I looked into joysticks.

I’m not a heavy modder per se, as in I don’t build my own boxes or solder anything. Thankfully, there are great custom makers here, specialized case makers and even pcb designers/customizers. So my two customs are more like lego sets, just put them together and play. A great thing also is that Madcatz is making great sticks–although I’m still waiting on my preordered TE stick, grrrrrrr–and HORI is releasing HRAPS in the US. Lots more options for fight fans these days although it will still take some patience.

So it’s been six months since I joined and now I have two Norris Arcade Sticks w/ Toodles Cthulhus powering them, a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 with Seimitsus, a cruddy Hori Fighting Stick 3 and Madcatz TE coming down the pipe. I’ve definitely gotten better at fighting games, or at least competent, thanks to these babies. I’m pretty much done for this playstation iteration…but maybe one more Norris Stick might be in order, who knows…

Oh yeah…and KOBE for MVP baby!!!

First mod? WiiKey mod chip. I was 17 or 18 at the time(20 now). Went fine. Started doing them around the city at $130 a pop(including chip), made some nice money but ultimately regretted it badly. I want to work in the gaming industry when I finish school and I was modding my own shit so I could write code for it but I know damn well thats not what the other people I was modding for where doing.

Haven’t modded a console in about 6 months and then I found out about pad hacking to make arcade sticks about a months or two ago. I’ve already made one, got two more on the back burner and prepping my current one for a dual mod.

I began playing MVC2 semi-competitively with friends around '06, and wanted a home stick to play on as well. Once i learned the strengths & advantages of having a stick, i could NEVER go back to a gamepad. At least not for fast-paced, combo intensive games like MVC2.

I first bought & modded a Street fighter anniversary stick with happ parts. My first mod.

Later on i made several other mods to sticks, and built one completely from the ground up. My current stick is a custom-happ, PS1 PCB stick, made with an X-Arcade solo case(i’ve since then sold my SFAC stick in favor of this modded Happ X-arcade).

Arcade sticks are very, VERY simple tech. All it is, is a hollow wooden or plastic box, with the controls mounted on top, and a PCB inside connecting the wiring together w/cord leaving the box to connect to the console.