What grip do you guy's use for Battop's?


Recently I got a Etokki Omni and I’ve been conflicted on what grip to use for my stick, I mostly play tekken and I use the tips of my fingers to play. I just wanna see some input from other Korean stick users! =)


I generally hold it the same way I hold my ball top. Between my middle and ring finger. It isn’t really comfortable but I use my middle and ring finger for a lot of faster moves and I hook the top of the bat like I hook the ball. Then use the tip of my thumb to guide the joy stick.

I have tried many different ways of holding the bat. And I find I do best that way. It really is just uncomfortable and hurts my middle and ring finger after a few hours. This is however the reason why I will never own a bat top. They feel clumsy and clunky to me.

If you play with the tips of your fingers I cant help but imagine a ball top would be way better for you.


Yeah but if he has an Etokki stick, I believe those come with Myoungshin or Taeyoung Fanta’s stock. The only way he could put a ball top on it would be if he ordered the Golden Fanta mod from @wazwuz who is a member on this site. I highly recommend buying the GF mod by the way. You can really get the stick to how you want it to feel. @Ticking just try different ways of holding the battop until you find one that is a good medium between comfort and the ability to execute movements. I’ve never understood why people are conflicted with how to hold a stick. I’ve always just gone with what feels natural.


I did not know that about the Fanta’s.


@VarmintBaby Yeah, it’s just because too many people gave me their input and I just got confused. But I appreciate everything dude!


I use 3 fingers, my ring all the way to my index.