What hair colour do you prefer? Blond or Brown?



For a long time, it has often come to debate since SF2 whether Vega is Brown- haired or blond. Either way, what is your preference to how he looks out of these two?


Alpha designs in general were fucking badass and should have stayed.


What ‘debate’? Vega, being a fictional character, is not tied down to one specific hair color.

In the video game Street Fighter II, the first time anyone saw Vega, he had brown hair. In Vega’s film debut, the SF animated movie, he is a blond. It’s a matter of personal taste.

I prefer the blond look, though I’m not sure why. Also, before the animated film came out, Vega was known only by his in-game (brown-haired) personality, which was a conceited matador, nothing more. In the film, however, he is shown to be a (blond) sadistic psycopath, relishing in his opponents pain and degradation.

Maybe that’s why I relate the blond Vega to being the more ‘complete’ package, with the whole of his personality bared before you, as opposed to the brown-haired Vega, when you only got half the story.


I agree, though I’m sure in his ending for SF2 he is shown with blonde hair which started the speculation. One of the versions anyway aside from the remake. But either way, I thin it suits him far more and as you said shows his full story. He is also blonde in EX so I guess his blonde persona is his more common counterpart. I guess it could also fit into the idea of his dual personality.


In the original SFII, Vega doesn’t have an ending, since he is an unplayable boss.

But I know the ending you’re talking about, which was in a later version of SFII. Don’t recall if that version was out before the animated movie though.


I think vega suits brown hair better :wink:


Brown for me. I met Vega for the first time in SF2 and THAT is the look Vega will always have for me


The main reason I prefer him blond is cause I am blond lol. Guess it’s a loyalty thing :wink:


Brown because that’s the color of my hair ^_________________________^


I use color 1 all day, everyday, so i guess brown.


Maybe you should get some variety in your life :kappa:


I like my Vega being a blondie if you don’t mind, lol.


The brown hair looks more natural I think, and so to me it exemplifies Claw’s “natural” beauty! Then again, if Vega tattoos his skin then I imagine it wouldn’t be a big deal for him to dye his hair. But he’d have to deal with keeping up with preventing the roots from turning a different color, yeah it just seems like an inelegant process. Natural brown it is! Big name support for brown on SRK, haha!


Brown with goggles. Personal reasons, I guess. ( * *)


Rainbow, bitches.


brown with pink clothes :smiley:


I like the brown color more on him, i guess it’s easier on the eyes also that dark brown makes him look more darker going very well how the way he is portrayed as a evil character.


he needs grey :stuck_out_tongue:


I have no real preference, to be honest. Silver would be pretty badass, though.


You can do that in SFxT and it looks pretty wrong on him.