What happend to all the sprites at gamegen.com?

AKA Fighters Genetarion. I used to go there all the time to get sprites for my AV’s. Did they get hit with a ceaese and desist?


Fightersgeneration.com is still there.

it came up like a day, and it said he was in the process of changing the server, or the host. but that was a few weeks ago.

Sux cause the only other site street fighter x doesn’t anything anymore.
white man edit:
oh shit it’s back up. Sweet.

lol he still has that OLD justice sprite i made from a screenshot before #R for the PC came out

We shouldn’t support that site. :tdown:

what? Franks a chill guy i support his site.

He steals much of the sprites that appear on his site and pass them off as is own even having the audacity to tell people not to steal from him.

He thinks all World Heroes characters suck.

They don’t?

World Heros sucks. Let me go on Alpha-ism again and talk about how gay (litterally) it is.

:lovin: :looney:

Rasputin is awesome and Frank is a fag

Thanks for the link Shinto. I think the webmaster changed the name of the site to gamgen.com at one time. I haven’t been there in so long, I guess I never new that he went back to fightersgeneration. This thread can be locked or deleted by a mod now.


Hell the fuck no they don’t. Bitches don’t know about Rasputin.