What happened at evo2k3, jwong vs clockw0rk?

i was at evolution, but i basically only watched/played/discussed cvs2 all weekend. which was a shame considering that was arguably the best collection of mvc2 talent ever.

anyways, when i was watching american cvs2 tourney play, i just remember looking up when people were cheering and i gathered that clockw0rk was playing jwong and clockw0rk had just won the first match. for some reason i watched some more cvs2, and i looked up periodically, and i just remember clockw0rk’s strider jumping up with orbs chasing jwong.

pretty bad, but that’s all that i remember. if somebody would mind filling me in on what happened in the matches, it would be greatly appreciated. i’m also wondering who clock lost to, besides jwong.


First game was a see-saw matchup. The critical point happened when Clock accidentally snapped in the wrong character. Justin won that match.

Second game, Clock landed the infinite on Sentinel in the corner and snapped in cyke. Justin got locked in the corner. Clock owned that one. The marvel crowd explodes. A few seconds later, Dr. B barely loses to Daigo causing the CvS crowd to erupt.

Third game, Justin takes it. Clock would go into losers and lose another close one last match to Kuan for a spot in the final 8.

i c, thanks for the info. that’s right, i remember dr.B vs daigo very well over by the japanese cabinets. hopefully clock vs jwong will be on the evo2k3 dvd.

i was really hoping clockw0rk would beat jwong and get revenge for last year. i got kinda tired of watching team row/MSP/scrub/santhrax/matrix/MSS all weekend long. it was tight watching clockw0rk play for a breath of fresh air.

what about you kaising, who did you lose and how far did you make it? did you play strider/cyclops/doom?

i went strider/cyke/doom the whole way. i took like 4th or 5th in my bracket after losing to ShadyK

May I ask why not Strider Doom Cyke ?

Why not? If I have to give Strider time to heal, i just do a safe tagout to Cyke. Cyke stalls and builds better than Doom. By the time Strider is fully healed, I’d probably have built like 3 supers. Not to mention when i first picked this team, my cyclops was better than my Doom. That was like a year and a half ago. Now I really don’t feel like changing the order. Now if I decided to go Strider/Doom/Cyke and Strider needs time to rest, I have the option of bringing in Dr. Doom, who usually doesn’t do as well against some other characters who fight it out, or i can tag in cyke, forcing him to DHC TWICE to get Strider in, wasting some meter that might come in handy. Doom does better against BH, Spiral, and Cable. But nobody really uses the first two, and Strider should be able to take them out. Cyke hangs decently enough against them as well, so it doesnt matter to me there. Against Cable, yes, Doom does a lot better when it comes to fighting it out. But why would I risk fighting this match out when i still can have Strider finish it? Cable can’t do anything on Cyclops if Cyclops doesn’t want to come in. Sure, he can trap. But I’ll be building some meter along the way to DHC strider in.