What happened at the SVGL tourney 4/12/03?


I saw that Tragic posted up the 3S results but what happened with MvC2,GGXX,and CvS2??? Many of us want to know…anyone who can help post that ish up!!!



Ummm, I know the results for CvS2 and MvC2.


1st. Ricky Ortiz (A-Mai/Vega/Cammy[2])

2nd. Jon Choi (C-Guile/Chun-Li/Sagat[2])

The rest I don’t know cause I didn’t pay attention. I think Jason Nelson got top 4 and Eric Lee might of tied for 5th. Rasphone (brolly) and Kim (Ohayo) are somewhere around the top 7 area. Don’t quote me on any of this cause I didn’t get a full look at the bracket.


1st. Ricky Ortiz (Mag/Storm/Doom)

2nd. Michael Rasphone [Brolly] (MSP, Storm/Sentinel/Cammando)

3rd. Kim [Ohayo] (Magneto/Storm-B/Sentinel)

Ummm, I think this is about it. Sorry if I spelt the names wrong. This is the first time I’ve really posted results. And the GGXX results are already submited in.


Hardly anyone knew there was a tournament for it. Steven walked around the whole arcade recruiting ppl for A3… where were YOU?


CvS2 Placings

[]Nelson (K-Eagle/Sagat[2]/Blanka)
]Kim (C Rolento/Sagat/?; K-Cammy/Blanka/Sagat)
[*]Mikey - (C and A teams, dunno)

Eric Lee tied for 7th I believe.


Accually I did ask Ricky and Choi, but nethier of them would sign up. Oh well there is always a next time.


GGXX-only like 10 ppl entered:(
2nd-randy lew(sol)
6th-forgot his name eric sumthin(baiken)


Thanks for the correct info Gunter…Damn I wish I could have made it to enter CvS2…



My name is Eric Hsu (Baiken) and I got 5th.



it’s too bad ricky wasn’t allowed to go to japan.

He woulda done good.


Thanks for clearing it up.


yeah eric hsu [baiken] got 5th out of 10 :slight_smile:


I wonder who Randy Lew is… I heard his new team is ganna be Wolverine/Ironman. :stuck_out_tongue:


sorry about that eric,we had a close match though,it was fun!


magus your faust is tough


i think ricky won CVS2,MVC2,3S-don’t remember 2nd or 3rd though.

who won ST?

i think the top 3 for A3 were:

1-John Choi
2-Ricky Ortiz
3-Steven Gonzales


Props go out to Ricky Ortiz for winning CvS2, 3S, and MvC2!

Now just out of curiosity:

Is Ricky Ortiz back on the West Coast for good? Or will he be returning to the East Coast later on?

Regardless, it was really nice to meet him and hopefully I’ll be able to play him in 3S again real soon. :slight_smile: