What happened here? Cross up?



Hello all, I was entertaining the idea that our man Boxer could cross-up or have some sort of unblockable game. On a whim, I check youtube for some inspiration, not expecting to find anything. However, I managed to find this video:
posted by geo, our number 1 XBLA Boxer.

I haven’t been able to recreate this particular event, although I wouldn’t call myself the best Boxer around. Is it a freak of Ibuki’s hitbox? Could this be extrapolated onto other characters?

Apologies if this has been posted before.


It has to do with being in the corner. Many characters can get moves to hit that would normally whiff. (Ryu jump HK, Akuma jump HK, Cody jump HP) While it looks like a crossup it’s actually a fake crossup. Blocking normally would cause it to be blocked or in many cases whiff.


Thanks. I’m surprised. The hit contact looks so deep in the corner that it’s ridiculous. I was always under the impression that Rog has no crossup ability, and this simply hardens that belief. Even if there’s a lot of fake cross ups, I guess that’s all we’ve got.


So far I have crossed up a standing Bison (Midscreen, no real explanation other than pure accident), Gouken (This is due to his focus attack release pushing his box forward, only seems to work during this point), and Rufus (Neutral Jump Fierce Forward Wiggle vs Rufus Wakeup Ultra - Again, this is probably due to a forward moving hitbox during his ultra, but the NJFierce hit him clean in the head and I landed behind him for a crossup).



Unfortunately I can’t find the Rufus clip, I assume it’s been deleted, but it wouldn’t be hard for me to replicate it in training - Only reason I don’t bother is because no self-respecting Balrog really walks up to a UTK Rufus and uses a neutral jump when they have meter, except people like me who like to force them to EX Messiah (And the fact it’ll only hit you with 1hit for barely any damage - Making it a wasted meter and less EX Messiah for me to worry about later).

EDIT: For the record, the Bison wasn’t pressing anything, there were clearly no frames of any moves - You can see him with a few frames indicating he was high blocking as my hit was coming out, yet I still hit him from behind with that deep JRH and landed behind him.

RE-EDIT: Try as I might I can’t replicate the NJF crossup on Rufus so far but if I get a recording of it will upload, even if it may be completely useless.


sickest cross-up to date (imo): http://www.youtube.com/watch?list=UUA1GlGWHsSV5SVK1dzG4TOw&v=Hp3our_NiJw&feature=player_detailpage#t=127s But in general, none of Balrog’s moves are meant to cross-up, meaning that none of the hitboxes are situated specifically where he has hitboxes that extend beyond his center-line. He’s got a couple of reproducing ones: j.lk against crouching Honda in the corner, and a few others. But so far, nothing that works consistently on a standing opponent mid-screen afaik.