What happened in this video?

At around 1:36, Kayane will be in the left corner, and Skatan will seemingly jump up/left while doing a head stomp that whiffs. But what I don’t understand is why he lands in front of Kayane instead of landing behind her, since he jumped up/left?

I tried to do this in training mode with the dummy crouching and/or walking backwards, but it seems like I always land behind the training dummy when I try this.

It looks like Kayane was trying to focus there, maybe that’s what messed it up.

It looks like he barely missed her (Neither hit or block made contact) and Kayane was also walking backwards.

I’ve tried having the dummy walking backwards too, but I always land behind Chun and not in front of her. As for the focus, it looks (and sounds) like Kayane did it after Chun was landing in front of her anyway. But I’ve tried that as well and no luck.

What it looks like as Kanyane does the Headstomp Skatan is crouching when the active frames end on the headstomp and Kayane would normally cross-over Skatan stood up making his HurtBox thinner and closer to the wall than while crouching. If that makes any sense you know?