What happened to Chris Tucker?


The man hasn’t been in a movie since 2007. Imdb says he is appearing in a movie with Deniro, J Lawrence, but is this an attempt to return to mainstream movies or a one off ?I know he has lots of money from the Rush Hour flicks and wanted to live off those earnings but I guess he has financial trouble as one of his mansions was foreclosed.
I’m surprised in Hollywoods cutthroat mentality hes getting a part.

Unless Azrael from SRK killed him and is masquerading as Tucker for dat money…


He went full Snipes. You never go full Snipes.


I think he got fat. Too bad he never got funny.


He’s in the new Friday that’s being made.

So as usual, he can’t do shit unless its a Rush Hour or Friday movie.


Tracy Morgan replaced him


He still does stand up comedy I believe. Also http://www.hitfix.com/news/rush-hour-4-in-development-with-chris-tucker-and-jackie-chan




He said he isn’t. Him and Cube are talking, but he doesn’t think they can get a good enough script together.

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It’s not so much he still ‘does’ stand up, he restarted doing stand up to pay back the IRS. IRS dug in his ass like oversized anal beads and the only way to push them out is with money…MAYNE!

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And then Tracy got replace by Kevin Hart.

Black on black crime YA!


i know he still does a lot of standup, although it seems he mostly tours in the midwest and south


wait kevin hart is playing smokey? he was the perfect role for Ezell…


I still love Money Talks.


I thought that movie in December was going to be Jackie’s last?


Tucker is an asshole. He twisted the arms of producers to get $30 million (?) for Rush Hour 3 making him the highest paid actor in Hollywood. If I a producer on that turd, I’d make sure he never got hired for another movie again.


when will kevin hart get replaced? not soon enough


White people don’t understand the brilliance that is Chris Tucker. The man made Charlie Sheen watchable, do you know how hard that is?


I remember him saying that he didn’t want to be in the other Friday movies because he didn’t want to be type casted. Yet he did other films and was pretty much the same character/person he always was. He should have got in where he fit in. Cube tried to give him a chance. C. Tucker could have been in all of those shitty moves that Mike Epps were in. As much as Tucker doesn’t or claims that he doesn’t want to be in this new Friday movie. He will be because he’s got nothing else. I read that he actually gave Chan shit about doing another Rush Hour. Tucker needs A Pimp Named Slickback to put his ass out on that stroll to make dat money.


chris tucker was coming to snolqualmie casino to do standup a few months back iirc

pretty much everyone knows that casinos are where you go to die off quietly as an entertainer. end of the line.


I thought that was the Laugh Factory.

I kid.


I was wondering what happened to him sometime between Rush Hour 2 and Rush Hour 3. I don’t find him as funny as he used to be, granted he’s still entertaining. After Rush Hour 3, I stopped caring. It was an okay idea, but I think that it was too little, too late (unless you never saw the first two movies which were much better).

As a clown, I just don’t think Tucker is very versatile. Instead of him having to work his talent around the script, it always seems like the script has to somehow revolve around his ability. So maybe he really wasn’t meant to act more than he was meant to make jokes? Kind of like Chris Rock, except Rock IMO is 10x the comedian Tucker is.