What happened to Daigo and Tokido in MVC3?

There’s nothing to explain to me about the subject… I’ve heard what some people have said as well as what others have said. I know -thoroughly- that the “debate” is fruitless.

It’s not so much the concept that is wrong… it’s just another opinion for people to agree or disagree on. It’s the wording that’s illogical.

When people say “Marvel is random,” and then the same person says “I usually see the same people in the top 10 at tournaments” they are essentially disagreeing with themselves from a wording standpoint because if Marvel were truly just simply random, the second statement would be entirely false.

I think this is probably true, there might be a surprise random showing by a strong Japanese player at a tournament or two here and there, but for the most part I think it’s going to stay an American-dominated game like it’s predecessor

I think they all made top 32, but some of them lost off stream. Same thing happened with players like Sanford and Arturo. Don’t know why they didn’t just stream all of top 32 lol.

But yeah justin lost to DR Ray, and I think F Champ lost to Kindevu.

Justin got put in losers by Latif with a mighty mighty dickpunch and put out by the guy who beat Gamerbee.

Anyone know who Freida lost to? He was the one Tokido said was better than him

Mago was defeated by Bryant B, a local Santa Barbara player.
Bryant was eliminated by Mine
Daigo was eliminated by Mine

Daigo plays for marketing purposes. I mean, remember the “challenge” video? That was for Capcom, or Mad Catz or another sponsor.

I don’t think he likes the game. I saw him getting knocked out and he was smiling and laughing.

Also he was asked if any of his skills from previous fighting games translated to MvC3. He said “none”. I kind of took that as a dis of the game, but that’s just my interpretation I admit. I’m biased because I’m not a Marvel fan.

He told me yipes either beat him or eliminated him.
And yes frieda is better then tokido no sarcasm.
Tbh america is more marvel and it always has been, but japan is coming up in marvel.

One more thing frieda was the only japanese player I expected to make it far.

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Oh and Tokido looked tired as hell. Burnt out.

Chris G looked rusty as **** and was struggling badly from the matches I have seen. Either his team has been figured out (we saw that happening in ECT) or he has been spending more time in MK than this game, but it’s obvious he was never going to make it to the top 8. Floe was alright but hardly good enough to justify a place in the top 8, if anything Marn, Clockwork and Richard N looked more worthy of a top 8 place. Dunno what happened to Tokido, but my guess is that his one trick pony Wolverine has been figured out by those sick and tired of fighting that Logan bastard.

I was rooting for Freida, he looks like a nice guy but I don’t think he was good enough to get any further than he did in EVO. Mago looked like he enjoyed the game a lot and he was coming up with new Ammy technology, so it’s sad to see him going down without any matches on stream. Daigo definetely did not deserve any support, I knew that he was not taking this game seriously the moment he ducked out of playing it in Revelations. But I do think that he’s playing this game for fun and he’s truly having fun in it, it wouldn’t make sense for him to play a game he doesn’t enjoy and get his ass beaten in tourneys. Tokido at least was obviously taking this game seriously and deserved a bit of respect, but I have no idea why he played in so many games, that probably contributed to his defeat too.

Floe hardly good enough to justify top 8? Clockwork and marn is worth top 8? those players don’t make top 8 at big tournament. Clockwork and marn stepup their game this game. Remember Revelation, clockwork has no chance at that tournament. Marn went 0-2 in Nor cal.

If you think Christ G, Floe and Tokido are no good? I bet you will see them at top 8 in major again. book it.

Christ G will continue to win in the EC.




lol @ everyone making excuses for japanese players.


alternatively i’d say “youtube champs” as well

I guess Tokido meant it when he said Freida was better than him. Tokido probably realizes he uses a bit of a crutch with Phoenix in the back but also probably realizes skill wise Freida has him beat in the game. Tokido’s team just relies on a riskier guns blazing version of Viscant’s team that tears your team apart extremely fast while mind screwing you about Phoenix. As opposed to Viscant’s team which is more consistent in playing to not get hit and packing himself with an assist that stops left right mix ups while building the 5 and holding onto XF unless he’s already in the lead.

I think Ranmasama gave Tokido a lot of trouble because left right mix up characters lose to Haggar. Wolverine’s huge hit box coming out of the berserker slash gives him an auto mix up that’s strong even without an assist but Haggar shuts down the cheap left right mix ups that give other players so much problems. Once Tokido realized he wasn’t going to get his left right mix ups against Ranma I think he buckled down and Ranma took advantage.

It’s no surprise (well not now any way) Captain Haggar won Evo. Characters like Wolverine have a really hard time against lame play with point + double lariat. The left right style play of Wolverine has been dominating tourneys and now it has a legit counter. Viscant said he had the answer to beating Tokido’s team and I guess he found the answer to beating any Wolverine based team with the mayor.

I already thought that Richard N’s Dante/Haggar/Phoenix team was strong enough to make like top 5 easy but he strangely strayed away from the super cheap team. He strangely strayed to a standard Dante/Wolverine/Haggar team instead and gave up on the meter harvesting strat changer of Phoenix.

Clearly Haggar is the new IT factor of MVC3.

I put Tokido in Losers

Damn dunno what Tokido was thinking burning XF early to kill off 5 bar regular Phoenix in the first match. Fatal claw DHC would have easily popped her without the early XF burn. In the 3rd match I guess I can see what he went for the XF2 burn because he didn’t wanna switch in Sentinel and then have Dark Phoenix have to deal with a mix up on the way in.


No doubt. The amount of saltyness when peoples japanese hero loses is insane these days.