What happened to G4?


Does anyone miss the old G4? Ever since they merged with Tech TV, I personally feel like the channel has relatively nothing to do with gaming, and they put up random shows now. I don’t mind Gadget talk or anything, but G4 was about the games first, everything else last. XPlay comes on like once every two days or something, and I still hate that show (even if it’s about gaming), but I won’t be nit picky. Like they used to do developer interviews and biographies on their video game careers. They used to have actual reviews of games and what not. Then we got Adam, Morgan, Olivia (wheretf has she been btw), and Kevin, and now they are all doing some random Web Soup/Totally Whacked Out Videos bullshit. I hardly ever even watch G4 anymore because they don’t talk about anything I care about now. Maybe I should stop whining, but idk man. I’m at home for the summer and since my parents don’t allow video games in their house (religious beliefs that video games are from Satan himself), I can’t smash people on SSF4. And 3S on laggy ggpo connection(wireless internet) isn’t fun whatsoever. Sigh:sad:


Fuck G4, I miss TechTV.


I miss the old TechTV.


Good news, guys! My time machine works, and I’m back in 2005.


I miss having the old TechTV on one channel and the old G4 on another. 2002. You will remember…


Either one, it doesn’t matter to me, I just hate what its become lately. Shit is whack, and I find myself horrendously bored if I can’t do anything else. Fuck TV I’m going the fuck outside … wait it’s raining. Shit


Attack of the Show is the only show on G4. Seems like everytime I’m browsing channels on my cable, I see Attack of the Show on G4, whatever time of day it is. That show blows.


Remember when MTV actually played music videos


i remember i use to try and watch pr0n by going to the ppv channel and getting that 1 sec. of boob before it all becomes static again, and then repeating the process.


The only reasons I still watch on occasion are Olivia, and Abby Heppe…and what the hell, Alison Hayslip and Morgan Webb too. Ali and Morgan are not a super-elite status but they’re cute/reasonable enough for me. If/when they lose those 4 girls it’s completely Game Over as far as I’m concerned.

Something that was amusing to me recently was that I couldn’t find G4 for awhile a few days ago…and of course my first thought was that they “canceled” this barely-alive coma-victim, bootleg ass network. I’ve never even heard of an entire network cancellation happening before, but that was my initial thought on the situation. Fortunately or unfortunately, it was just moved to a different channel here.

They should try and hold on to Olivia in particular for as long as they can…making sure to meet whatever outrageous demands she declares, because we all know that’s the star piece of ass right there. If they lost her it would be like Nintendo losing the whole Super Mario franchise… game over for real. (*heh, that would be funny if for whatever random reason…Miyamoto decided to leave Nintendo and take Mario with him. That company would be in SO much trouble immediately. :rofl: )

oh hell yes and Jessica Chobot…she’s co-hosting today! NICE. I’d like to sniff her taint.


people still watch MTV? Shit, I’m old.


Still breaks my heart to this day. They were actually turning a profit before the news was announced.


THAT right there is the face of the problem: these channels aren’t showing what they’re supposed to, instead, they’re reaching out to try to grab a wider audience by showing shit completely irrelevant to their network’s premise. Wrestling on Scifi/syfy? That shit belongs on Spike…or Logo (buncha oiled-up dudes engaging in heavy petting…bleh). Cable network ratings whores fucking up.


Both channels were good before the merger
I used to watch them both all day

Merger ruined them both now it’s just VH1: 2


yeah techtv had a lotof great programming but the only thing I enjoyed on G4 was icons.


I stopped watching G4 in 07.

And Morrigan Webb is ugly btw. G4 is like the tv equivalent of Gamestop. You dont really have to know anything about games, just ya know annoy the shit outta the consumer the second they turn to the channel.


Cartoon Network ain’t what it used to be either…everything on TV just sucks (except Dexter…the serial killer one, not the DEE-DEE one)


I’m pretty sure rcaido was being facetious. People that complain about MTV not playing music are like 14 year olds complaining about christianity. Find a new cause :arazz:


I caught Ninja Warrior on G4 last week and that was the only time I ever tune in to G4.


You mean you guys dont like the 14 hour marathon of Cops on G4?