What happened to godsweapon?

i cant connect to the godsweapon server did it move or shutdown or what?

It moved. The server list is your friend.
A lot of people have abandoned it for P2P though.

the server list fails to refresh for me so can someone give me the new IP?

I ate it :rofl: j/k

What are you still doing on public servers? You need to catch up bro. nFBA is teh shit !!!

I actually make new friends on godweapons believe it or not despite the amount of BG’s people give…I’ve met about five cool people over the past week and introduced them to p2p NFBA.

I play nfba also I just find it easier and faster to start a game in godsweapon. So since its moved does someone have the new ip?

It’s owner doesn’t even play there anymore I think. His ass is always talking shit on GGPO.

About what ?

Thats the same IP as the old one -_-

Here’s the current IP:

Ayo thanks Zoo, you up for a game of 2I?

You have to call me up on that in the IRC channel (#srkkaillera)…

Nox talks shit about everything, but mainly MvC…just like in Godweapon. Oh, and about how he bought a ps3 with the money people donated to the server =/

That’s cool you’re doing your part to recruit. Get them (and yourself?) on IRC!


What a surprise.

As expected from him =)

GGPO is the future…so get the fuck off that scrub factory.

That shouldn’t be surprising. We’re talking about the same guy who had half a dozen aliases that he hid behind while he acted like a prick.
And the guy who banned me from the server over fiasco involving CC infinites, then proceeded to bring down my private servers months later if I tried to set-up a game in server.

Reps Emulinker:
Emularena Grounds:
West Wonderland:

wasn’t a new version of kaillera supposed to come out in february or something? not that i intended on using it but i’m curious.