What happened to Hop , Electricity ?!?!?

I have been playing Blanka since Vanilla , i know how he works , but since 2012 changes hop then electricity does not seems to work is it just me , or anyone else notice this?!?!? , its a big part of my strat , i know how to piano roll , i can also do al of blankas one frame link combos np.

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Damn right Blanka to the grave !

I thought this was all in working order…I seem to remember going through training mode when 2012 hit and it seemed intact. I’ll check tonight and update!

Hop electricity was never a good strategy against an opponent with brains. they literally have, lets see, 23 frames for the hop, plus at least 5 more frames for the startup of lp elec (much more for mp and hp elec) to interrupt. In other words, 1/2 of a second to counterhit blanka before anything comes out.

Now, hop into ex elec is almost a viable strat, because of the nice hitbox on startup, but again, the opponent must not press a good button for a whole 1/2 of a second for this to work out…works great against scrubs, who dont know what button to press to interrupt correctly, but against people familiar with the matchup…not a good strat at all.

Thats just for random hop into elec, which is pretty bad. On wakeup, hop into elec can be very smart, but if they are a charge character, you better break their charge, and if they have an uppercut, you can’t be predictable, so needs to be used sparingly. In almost all cases, however, its better to do crouch lk into elec on wakeup, unless you are going for chip.

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