What happened to INO after Evo2k4?

Hi all, does anyone know what happened to Ino after his seemingly last appearance in Evo2k4?

Anybody who went and played in Japan recently?
Got any words about ino’s whereabouts?

I watched many top japanese players but ino just have this unique and impressive fearless rush down style with his K groove, especially his sagat.

IMO I think his beasting action is just too good to miss and hopefully he will come back to the fighters scene soon.

Also, does anyone have any info on the Ratio4 Raiden player who defeated the entire team consisted of INO, NUKI, and Tokido?

Any link to download that match footage will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


I heard he was in Mexico playing CvS3

I think he took more drugs to look like that one JRocker. Die from dir en grey?

There was a recent picture of him and he looked hella hella wierd. Skinny as hell and darker too…like a zombie.

corrected :slight_smile:

PurplePalms, haha…love the name :rofl:

Personally, mine get red…and yes, I know everyone needed to know that

I’m pretty sure he was in Indonesia, but you might be right about it being India. Regardless, he’s back in Japan and living in Yokohama now.

I guess he’s retired then :frowning:

From CvS2?, I dunno

But, he just qualified in 3s teams for SBO with Makoto, along with Mester and someone else, I forgot.

Ino is alive and well.

Ino was at the 2on2 tournament sunday, hes still a beast. I ask him for some CVS2 advice and then he breaks down the whole game, I remember he said playing a-groove is too easy and K is alot harder and then he said P and K was weak in the past but its very strong now,… anyway he`s still alive and he still plays the same but a little more aggressive.

cheap ass k

More aggressive? Gotta see that

is he still one of the best?

I think so, just imagine M.Jordan coming back to the Chicago Bulls from retirement and Bas is S.Pippin, like M.J`s 3 Ino still got the J.D.

aggressive. the way k groove is meant to be played.

Hey Joe, you ever check your PM’s?

he’s rusty, but he should be able to get back up to speed pretty quick

he doesnt know how to fight any of the non-top tiers that grew a lot in the past two years

Really. Heh, that is quite unexpected as he had rampaged his way through all amateur and even top tournaments.

Was he taking a long break doing something completely different?

lol, quite surprising though to hear that he is involved with 3s lately.
I thought he plays only cvs2.

Wish I could see his recent matches, especially the even more aggressive style some said he developed.

I heard from someone at Evo2k5 that Ino can’t afford to travel right now. Thats why he missed the last two Evos, not because he retired.

You heard wrong