What happened To KYSG?

He stopped making videos for so long. But his webpage still says that his ‘Yang Combo Video’ is coming soon. What happened to him?

Yea, I loved those videos…they were fuckin awesome. And entertaining…where the hell did that fool go. :confused:

damn I would like to see a yang one, also FGD

kysg isnt one person

Hmm so KYSG is a group yea? What happened to this group?

i love the music choices in the vids. totally my kind of stuff, although i don’t listen to that much drum n’ bass.

spam his msg board and find out

or read his msg board


Where is his message board?


Do people realize how hard it must be to come out with videos like KYSG’s?

^^yeah, what he said. His vids take time because they’re so awesome. Plus he has released several tekken vids since the last 3s one.


KYSG is still alive. He made a combo video for Tekken 6 recently.

Damn, I wanna negative rep you for your username.

Anyhoo, KYSG are still making videos, they just moved onto Tekken 6 for the moment.
Here is there YouTube account.

Yeah, dude just seems to be focusing on finding out all the Tekken 6 DC’s atm.