What happened to my safe jumps?



in super i use to jump in with a j.hp after my cr.lp,cr.lpxxf.srk and it was safe. i get dp’d now can anyone help me with some safe jumps and also i dont really have mixups.

BTW im not too good with ken


Any character with a DP with 4 frame or less startup (shotos, Seth, Yun) is going to punish that j. hp for free. Check the last page of the Ken Video thread, as well as the other stickied threads for safe jump setups. Also, check the frame data guides on SRK’s wiki or Eventhubs and learn the startups for specific anti-air commands so you’ll have a better idea of what works and what doesn’t.


lol it wasnt safe in super, jumping lk and mk work well on most of the cast tho


Seth’s DPs has 5f startup btw and only Yun’s EX upkick has 4f startup, rest are 5f and slower.


You have to factor invincibility frames into Seth’s DP (1-7f on medium/heavy, 1-22f on EX) and Yun’s upkicks (1-7f light/heavy; 1-5 EX; 1-7f lower body on medium). Seth’s EX DP in particular blows up every other DP in the game.