What happened to POWNZ tourny thread?

Please don’t close this thread.

Seeing that the POWNZ Tourny thread got closed, I could not post there.
I had to create a new thread so just want to make sure people are aware of why.

People were asking me when the next tournament will be last Saturday.
I mentioned to some of them 2nd week of may.

Nagata Changed his date for his May 2nd tourny to May 9th.
Me and Dino then replied as quickly as possible that we had a tourny planned that day.
You can even check the time differences on the reply.

My Reason:
I have a friend (with his GF) coming from Japan on last week of april to 1st week of may.
I cannot do tournaments on those dates.

Dino has exams on the 2nd week of May so he cannot do tournaments pass that.

So we decided and I replied to Nagata that we are still going to go ahead with our Tourny.
Nagata then closed his thread saying that It is totally in competition with his.
Sure it looks like it but it was not our intention to do that. We are just using a date that is convenient for us, the hosts.
If we don’t do it on May 9th, we cannot do it until early june.

First of all, I’m sorry that we didn’t post this yesterday when me and Dino talked.
We really should have. So I’m really sorry about that.

I just want to say that i was in no way taking away Nagata’s players by doing a tourny on the same date.
People who know me should know that I don’t do those type of things. I feel that there are some people that enjoy POWNZ tourny and Nagata saying he will stop altogether should not be because of what we decided.

I’m not in any way trying to replace Nagata. I have no master plan to overthrow him. I have the best of respect to him (and everyone) and again I can only hope that he changes his mind about his tourny.
The best solution I can give is to get him to change it back to May 2nd.

I’ve said my piece and again i have no master plan.


Exams: May 6th - Therefore No tourney May 2nd. And I wanted to Run a SCIV same day, without SF, but not going to happen now.

Exams: Week Of Victoria Wknd and afterwards - Therefore no Tourney Victoria Long Weekend, which I would have preferred.

Therefore the only Date where I have Space is the 9th. This is also 4 weeks away from our Last Tourney, which was Four weeks away from our Previous Tourney.

Sure I should have posted earlier but our tourney was this past weekend, and there is other stuff I have to make sure of before I start announcing tourneys.

If it really seems like we’re “stealing” participants I cant see how that makes sense. Your Tourney was the 2nd for about a MONTH!!! Forgive us for PLANNING AROUND THIS DATE thinking it was fixed in Stone.

In the End I wanted to WORK WITH Nagata with running these Dual Tourneys but then I found out he had his own thing going on.

Hopefully we can all find a way to work together.

The list of bleecker advantages has grown again.
-More people
-Better location
-Nagata is a whiney *** (exciting new development)

i think the pownz tourney was cancelled.

“bleecker does it better!”

ps. in before lock.

Love how how whoever posted this didn’t have the balls to do it on a real account.

Even so, i’m probably in for this again.

I don’t/didn’t have an account and expected to be banned by now. just don’t agree with locks reaction to this FREE tournament

Question: Can’t we put the POWNZ tourney back to May 2nd??

I mean most people (including me) were prepared for May 2nd, this way both tourneys can go on. I hope it doesn’t get cancelled bcz each tourni has its own flavour and people :slight_smile:

So, my suggestion if possible is to put it back on May 2nd.


I think Nagata himself can’t make the 2nd.

C&P from the Pownz forums:

“This tournament has been cancelled. I can’t attend on this date and the majority of my directors/players are attending another tournament within the GTA. A new tournament will be re-scheduled at the earliest possible convenience of both the POWNZ staff and my own staff.”

He hadn’t updated the date on Pownz yet, so yeah.

Bleeker eh?

With regards to the dates and timing of things, I can completely understand Nagata’s point of view and why he is upset. It may have been coincidental that the dates are so close, but to someone who has put work and time into making the events work and plan it accordingly; I can understand how it certainly does not look that way. So Nagata was NOT being whiney, and is completely justified in being bothered by the sudden appearance of this other tourney at Bleekers.

To Neorussell, I’d suggest talking things through with Nagata and making sure your dates don’t cross over. Out of respect for Nagata, and to better plan and coordinate these tournaments. This is the second time someone has popped up and said “We’re hosting a tourney too!” without an actual thread IN an existing thread about a completely different tournament. That’s completely insulting and doesn’t help the scene at all.

The POWNZ thread is still there btw, just not stickied anymore…

Being a complete bystander since i wont be attending either tourneys, i think its not completely Russell’s fault. It just happens that they’re free to run a tourney on May 9th, and have told people that the next tourney will be on May 9th on SATURDAY (i assume). I guess they didn’t want to make a thread for it yet, after all, whats the point of having 2 tourney threads at the same time when one hasnt even happened yet? And Nagata just decided to change the date to May 9th instead of May 2nd today (from post timestamp), so what can russell and dino, who’ve already told people and are only free then, do about it?

Of course, i can understand why Nagata is upset, but i don’t think he really looked at the situation calmly, it almost sounds like “omg, this guy fucking runs a tournament on the same day as me and tries to steal my GTASF godfather title, fuck this shit, fuck this community, fuck these new guys”. But the truth is, i THINK most people are from the GTA rather than hamilton, so it’ll really hit on number of attends to Nagata’s tournament (not because of FREE, but because of location… i hope), so it does suck, but didnt hafta post something so hateful and close the thread…

Its okay nagata, don’t let disappointment overtake your judgement, everybody still loves and respects u <3

First of all you can curse. No need to use asterisks like you’re posting on gamefaqs or some shit.

Second, I don’t know who you are or when you got into the scene, but talk like that aint going to win you many friends. Nagata isn’t respected because of how long he’s been playing for, he’s respected for how much he’s contributed to GTASF. You might not agree with NL’s stance but recognize the dude pretty much kept competitive play on life support for a few years. Calling him a “whiney ***” is counter intuitive to any scene you boys are trying to promote, and kinda dickish too.

After careful consideration I have decided the only fair way to settle this matter would be for Russell and Nagata to participate in a no holds-barred bareknuckle cage fight to the death. This event will take place in a neutral location (Missisauga?) on April, 25th, and best of all its FREE… see you all there.

P.S. if you could all pitch in 25 cents for pop we can get a few 2L’s for the spectators/winner of the cage fight.
P.S.S. we could possibly hold a Tatsanaku vs Capcom side event if the community is interested, let me know!

Dragon Punch/Nagata it was a joke in poor taste to say your a whiney string of asteraxs I apologize and hope we can just forget it and look forward to this, sure to be exciting, cage match. (10$ on russell side bet anyone?)


No holds bar cage match.

I’m in for TvC. My money is on Nagata in the cage fight.

EDIT: My friend wants to play TvC as well. So, I guess you’ll have to make it happen.

There was, actually 70+ players in that room. Don’t count out the SC players. Buffalo only had 12 players so 58 to be exact from Ontario. Sorry if your experience was bad that you could not breath, i was not expecting that big of a turnout. We opened the windows when we realized it was going to get cramped. I think I can honestly say that I tried to be the best of host to everybody there.

I have the best of respect to Nagata. He knows that fully well. I’ve known him for many years. I’ve helped him run T6-T9 tournaments. I was just arguing the fact that he shouldn’t have closed his tournament thread just because of what we, the other hosts, decided. He can run his tournament but I only suggest that he return it back to his original date. Also as an organizer, he should know better than to change a date on a tournament that has been posted in the forums for almost 3 weeks. I’m sure people have not planned for it yet but what about those that did. But that’s just my opinion really.

Like i said, when he posted that he switched the date. Me and Dino quickly replied to him telling him of our plan. But then he closed the thread with him thinking that I am taking over, again nothing in my sleeves about that. I immediately sent him a PM explaining the situation why we had to choose that date and then explained it to you guys since everybody deserves an explanation. I am willing to work with him with anything but unfortunately, the only thing I cannot do is change our date.

Sure it was not posted but out of respect for him, i replied the minute he said he changed his date. If I was a real dick, i would create a thread 1-2 weeks before his tournament.


Well regardless if there is a POWNZ Tourney or not, it will be a SCIV tourney as usual. We can still run SFIV games, but SCIV would be the focus, UNLESS there is enough players for a 12-16 man tourney, which we could run on at least oneTV.

Its quite obvious not everyone can make the POWNZ tourney, and for those who can’t, there will be an Alternative. The only other possible date would be May 27th, and thats not for sure.

A lot of people don’t quite get the whole point of why I got pissed off so I’m going to clarify and hopefully we can move along.

The scene right now basically is in a saturation effect with SFIV. Everyone wants to run tournaments and get new players. Everyone has a goal of expanding the scene. The problem is that when you have so many tournaments the players either burn out or they start to pick and choose what they are willing to attend because they don’t have the funds or the time. Those of us that have been around since the start of the TOSF days know exactly what I’m talking about. To put it into perspective, we had the Bleeker tournament on 04/11, the Milton tournament is on 04/18, the A&C tournament is on 04/27, the first date for the POWNZ tournament on 05/02 and now the next Bleeker tournament on 05/09. Five tournaments in five weeks. I don’t know about everyone else but I don’t have that kind of time nor do I have the inclination to burn 5 straight Saturdays playing SFIV.

So it came to my attention today from work that I’d be tied up on 05/02 and thus moved the date to 05/09. I didn’t want to outright cancel at first because there are players local to the west end that were looking forward to the 05/02 tourney. I already have evening plans on 05/09 that I either would have had to bail on or show up very late if I ran this tourney but hey, you do it for the players. So after the date change I get “OMG WE WANT TO RUN THAT DATE TOO!” Now that I have a problem with. If you know you want to run a tournament, then make a thread. If Dinoz or Russell make a thread before I change dates then my hands are tied because it’d be insulting to them for me to change regardless if they were first. I’ve got an ebb of respect that way. I don’t buy into “I didn’t have the time.” It literally takes under 5 minutes to make a tournament thread. Hell you can copy and paste any number of previous threads, change the address and registration times and you’re done. Seeing a change and then saying “OMG WE WANT TO RUN THAT DATE TOO” is irresponsible and insulting to someone who actually put in the time to co-ordinate beforehand. Russell and Dinoz both noted that they told people about the next tournament since Saturday. IT’S TUESDAY!

I don’t know Dinoz so I can’t speak on him. I know Russell. He’s been around a long time, in fact he was running Soul Calibur tournaments before I ever ran my first tournament. He knows it only takes a few minutes to create a thread. He knows that it’s in poor taste to run tournaments on the same day as someone else. He knows how the scene works. That’s what pisses me off the most. He can write a post saying “we’re not competing with your tournament” knowing full well he’s based out of Toronto and the majority of players are going to migrate there as a result. It doesn’t take a genius to realize the players will hit the bigger tournament. It’s naive to think that players despite living further out like Sauga and Hamilton won’t come regardless. They’ve been coming to Toronto tournaments for years and just suck it up whereas asking Toronto to get away from the bus/subway line is like pulling teeth. That’s why I didn’t even bother to start an arguement over dates.

So like I said, Russell can run whatever Russell wants. I wash my hands of it all. I’ll attend whatever tournaments fit my schedule and I don’t have to do any of the legwork. Best of luck to Russell and Dinoz in their future tournaments.

Ufc ufc!!!

Ok people are crazy if they think that Russell is gonna beat Nagata in a CAGE FIGHT.

why cant russle and dinoz reschedual there tournament to a later date?

doesnt that work?