What happened to Shizza?

After making top 8 in Evo2010, I haven’t heard anything of him at all in any of the other major tournaments…

Yeah, I’ve been wondering this myself. I think somebody said he was taking a break last year, but I haven’t heard anything about him since.

Last I heard, he picked up stick and was learning a new character.

Weird that he starts using a stick on another character, since Chun is one of the characters who seem to benefit the most from a stick? (Pianoing)

Yes, he did decide to go on hiatus after feeling like was getting burned out on the game.

I bumped into him at ReveLAtions actually. He came to watch, but not to compete. He said he doesn’t play the game much anymore, but occasionally will play with a few of his friends. He still said he was playing on pad, so I don’t know where the rumors about playing on a stick came from.

I assumed he was still playing Chun but I didn’t ask.

That’s a shame because you really don’t see many top players using chun very much.

I think it’s at least part of the reason why she’s not as popular in general despite being considered top tier. Nobody sees her on streams or what she can do.

Chun on the pad is not that bad. The only problem is dash ultra but that’s about it.

cr.fierce xx Legs and a few other legs combo’s aren’t that easy on a pad… Well they are easier on a stick that’s for sure

TBH, back when I was a pad player I thought dash ultra was easier on pad than it was on stick. I still think it’s easier on pad… on stick I still have trouble doing dash ultra while facing right (I find it easier to do :b::b::f::b: than to do :f::f::b::f:).

I often bring my hand closer to the stick and just use my wrist for the dash ultra. Seems more effective.

i wish shizza would start playing tourneys again. evo was way better last year because of him.

Yeah I just feel like nobody play’s Chun li anymore, or at least somebody making it to finals like he did.

I don’t think it’s the fact that people aren’t playing Chun (over here I’ve been seeing more and more) it’s just that her bad matchups Rufus, Yun, Akuma etc. are really popular, especially in tournaments. Props to Shizza for getting as far as he did, it’s a really feat.

Even though Yun has the dive kick, I heard that Chun Li is actually good against Yun. Not sure how to deal with the dive kick, but she has some tools against him. Neutral jump HK is good against his Lunge Punch.

As for the problems with Chun Li on a pad, at least for me, I can’t do cr HP, lightning legs on a controller. I can barely do standing close HK into legs on a controller, let alone without accidentally making it ex legs. Not sure about fight pad, but I’d probably have a hard time anyway. lol

It’s still to her disadvantage imo, I feel it’s something like 6.5-3.5 or even 7-3 Yun. He’s like a smaller, harder to hit Rufus, so it’s definitely an uphill battle.

You might not want to get too comfortable with nj hk or risky floating stuff. A better Yun will be able to make adjustments, esp against jumping attacks. So far, I’ve used jabs and s. mp against dive kicks, and lows against lunge punches…EX ones go through kikos, but can be smacked with s. hp and similar iirc because their startup is lengthy.

On that note, Perhaps not the best use of nj. hk in the world, but it just goes to show how quickly Chun can get blown up by a Yun: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9p0Tpl7Wak

I’m wondering if she could have EX SBK’d or something in between those attacks… dang. :sad:

I don’t see how Chun is good against Yun at all. AT ALL.

Standing jab is not a good enough deterrent for dive kick pressure. I have played against Yuns who didn’t care that I used st.LP as an anti-air for the divekicks because if I mistimed it even once they make up for all the damage they just took.

Yeah I don’t know either. At least when it comes to the dive kicks. Maybe she’s good at keeping him out, but one knockdown and she’s in trouble.
Don’t know why some ppl say that’s a good match up for Chun.

I don’t know why Chun didn’t block or reversal super that palm, it was coming from a mile away. Still, I’ve been blown up pretty bad by Yun’s before so I can sympathise. And I think alot of people think it’s in Chun’s favour because most if not all of the other charge characters do a decent job against Yun so by association she must too.

thread off topic but Yun rapes Chun for pretty much free imo, I’d go as far as to say its one of the worst Match Ups in the game right now. She really can’t keep him out all that well, his normals on the ground are actually really effective, he’s hard to zone and his divekick trades or wins too often for my liking making spamming them a valid tactic…

The only thing I’ve found to work is to keep just outside his sweep range and basically try and do nothing to react to his attacks, at this range a lot of Yun will go for the divekick and as soon as they jump you can jump and double fierce em to beat it everytime, or jump and air throw… Other than that and the fact that all lunge punches (bar EX) are a free combo on block, the active frames for it end way before he stops moving (even then well paced ones are just another free way in for him) I have no gameplan for Yun… I am happy to just play as retarded and stupid as I can just to beat the guy

against a blocked dive kick I throw if it hits high and if it hits low EX SBK will beat anything he tries after that, since most dive kicks are followed up with some sort of jab string. Keepin him out is hard and its mostly just attacking on reaction…not much to punish without risk of being counter hit. As they get better with Yun the match gets harder. I think if her df+short wasnt nerf on startup and hitbox then she would be able to stuff his dive kicks with that and u can get a dash triple stomp juggle on ex legs xx ultra.