What happened to street fighter :(


Ok, i played this game around 18 years ago, played hardcore, was great. Now i started back up, get online and WOW, does no one want to learn the game anymore? Is it all about spamming your skills as fast as you can now? And botting, REALLY lol, why bot this game, you can tell when you fight a player that is trying to get better, and a player that is spamming has hard as he can, you see thees guys with number 54th or 20th of their class, they have ZERO defense, NEVER block.

Yeah, it’s been many many years since i played and yes im totally a noob now, but comn, a guy ranked 54th whoever that mexican chef thing wrestler is, and he loses to me? he was spamming so hard bouncing around and a totally new dhalsim beat him, this is sad, i wish people would take this game serious online, i hate dealing with these gimmick mashing cammys and such.

Yeah, there some rage here sure, but my concern is, will playing these happy to be scrub types ruin me getting better, defending against bad habits will give me bad habits right?


…I think we should let this thread rock for a little bit :wink:


The war has changed.


War…has changed…our time has ended

but @wdh tell us more about y u feel the way u do


If SF2 had online on home consoles there would be plenty of DP-mashers then, too.


Teleport dive kicks happened.


War, war never changes.


All that time I played fighting games on console in the 90s not knowing that other people existed.

All that time.




Bumped for “botting”.