What happened to the Blanka forum?


The link to it is gone.

I know Blanka hate is nothing new but c’mon this is too much! :tdown:


I was wondering why all the sub forums were out of order lol


Totally didn’t even notice Blanka was missing. That’s pretty fucking funny.


EDIT: I guess nobody likes Blanka enough to talk about him on the forums in a specified section.


Looks dead because that’s the SFxTekken forum.


Whoops, my bad. I kinda jumped the gun there. I’ll fix that.


Please don’t tell me all those threads are gone…


Damn, i guess even SRK’s staff hate Blanka with a burning passion.


That is pretty hilarious. I guess people REALLY dislike Blanka.


I didn’t realize people hated on mid tier characters.


hopefully someone just broke the forum links, because everything I can find linking to the blanka forum results in a not found (including thread links in the blanka forum from google cache)


People hate any character when they don’t bother to learn the matchup.


I don’t see it either. Stay calm. Alerting appropriate people. Putting posters up around the neighborhood. Hoping we don’t find the Blanka sub-boards squished dead in the middle of the road.


So during a snafu this morning, this forum corrupted, and made the threads crash the server.

We do have several backups in place, one from the Evo timeframe, and one from March, so all is not lost. There may be a month of work gone, but we should be able to get all revelant threads back in a few days.

We appreciate your patience while we try to reconstruct the Blanka forums.



Nice, i can spot the other characters forums easily again


Yeah i think that a month of data gone won’t kill us too much on there. The active people can repost what is missing.


It might not be as bad at it seems. The threads seem to be all there, just the forum is missing. Should be a easy fix.